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Serina works in children´s ministry outside Bogotá Colombia. Serina was born and raised in northern New Jersey and came to Christ at 7 years old. Her passion for intercultural service developed in high school, and she graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 2014 with a degree in Intercultural and Children´s Ministries. She started her first term in 2015 and is excited to continue to spread the Gospel to Colombian children, especially those in need, and connect them with the local…

I am British and married to a wonderful Hong Konger. I lived in SW China for 2 years and have now been in HK for 7. I work as a doctor in emergency medicine and intensive…

Originally from NW Oregon, I have lived in Uganda for nearly 7 years. I am blessed to serve with a ministry team focused on the Buvuma Islands - a 52-island chain on Lake Victoria, in central Uganda. I love my job of working with students, through coordinating a sponsorship program and teaching part-time (computer studies and Bible classes) at the island secondary school. I also love reading, writing, photography, coffee, good music, and being with…

I have been married to the love of my life, Samuel, for 19.5 years, we have five children between the ages of 7 and 16 and we are Canadians living and serving in a rural area of Angola. My time is mostly occupied with home-schooling our children, trying to accomplish the basics of life in a challenging setting, and keeping everyone fed! On the side I help at times in our mission medical clinic (I have a nursing background) where my husband serves as a "m" doctor and I regularly visit ladies in our…

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia Region: Southeast…

Moved to Thailand and married my Thai/Lahu husband a year ago (Nov 2015), and we are now living and working amongst the Shan unreached people group in our rural Shan…

After living in Southeast Asia for several years, I took a short pitstop back in the States to get married, and we headed off to his homeland of Austria a month later. We've been in Vienna for a couple of months now working directly with a church, while my husband attends Bible school. Needless to say, there's never been a crazier year for me than…

I moved to Poland at the end of October, 2016. This first term (just under 3 years) I'll be teaching English and learning Polish... in subsequent terms I hope to be serving students and youth in different ways and be more involved in church…

After time spent in Albania, China and Vietnam, I moved to Indiana in summer 2016 to work with international students at a boarding…

I'm 24, married, and currently in Southeast Asia to be part of a team planting a church as well as volunteering for a non-profit against human…

My husband {Josh}, daughter {Emma} and I moved from Missouri to Cambodia in 2010. Did the language school thing. Lived a couple miles away from Angkor Wat for a year. Added a baby boy {Jude} in Bangkok. We're in our 2nd term now so we're supposed to be 'veterans'... but I'm still figuring out how I fit here. (Josh spends most days serving as Academic Dean at Cambodia Bible Institute... while my main job seems to be cleaning up lizard poop, helping Emma with math homework & keeping our rambunctious Jude from injuring himself.) I'm an introvert so I usually just have 1 or 2 close friends. Which makes it extra hard when they move away. Which happens. A lot. Coke, Netflix & Jesus help…

Hi there! I had the opportunity to teach conversational english in SE Asia last year (Laos), and returned from the field this past June. Enduring a season of much transition and in the meantime, just substitute teaching and nannying here and there in the Tri-state (Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky)…

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