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Let women know

They are Not Alone!

You probably know a cross-cultural worker who is serving in an isolated region. Or going through a rough season. Or just lonely.

You may be a person serving in an isolated region. Or going through a rough season. Or just lonely.

We want her, she is Not Alone. We want you to know, you are Not Alone.

Your gift will support kingdom builders across the world by partnering with God and this ministry to breathe life into women impacting every corner of the planet. As women are encouraged and empowered, so are the ministries they are investing in.

Your gift empowers women as they minister to their own families, touch unreached people, provide for orphans, rescue sex-traffic victims, further translation projects, provide education, serve in poverty relief, promote healthcare, and so much more.

Read more about how women are Not Alone at Velvet Ashes. 

Velvet Ashes provides thousands of women with community, described by many as a lifeline. In the midst of sacrifices and struggles and loneliness, Velvet Ashes is a place to connect and find courage and hope through

  • renewing truth
  • uplifting relationships
  • opportunities to share and process with those who understand their life
  • the nudging of the Holy Spirit for a closer relationship with Christ

Whether you’re a participant in this community or someone wanting to bless women who are giving their lives to global kingdom work, thank you for joining in what God is doing in and through Velvet Ashes!

Do you want to celebrate someone special that serves cross-culturally?

Creating a My Velvet Ashes Fundraiser is a special way to do just that! Personalize a page with a photo and add a note to share the reason for the celebration. Honor them by raising funds to bless others like them who are living and serving cross-culturally. Through this fundraiser each $25 raised sponsors a woman to receive encouragement and resources through Velvet Ashes content created just for them.