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My husband, 5 kids, and I serve in Malawi with a cross-cultural…

I have been serving in Mali for only two short months now and I am blown away by the community and family I have found here, right in the moments that God has called me to be…

Over a decade working across Africa, would love to connect with other world-changers in the…

Christ follower. Abolitionist. Did not realize I was a cross-cultural worker until I was serving in Argentina. Ending human trafficking by the grace of God with my husband and…

Preparing to make a major move with my husband and 3 children to…

On my own, I probably would have been a never-move-out-of-my-small-town-homebody. However, with Jesus in the lead I have somehow ended up on an incredible cross-cultural adventure, and absolutely loving it! (Okay, I may not love not every single minute or aspect of it, but in general. And one of the best parts is learning to love and trust Jesus more through the challenging times and aspects). Part of a church planting team in a people group in the Amazon rainforest. With almost 1 1/2 years of living in one of their villages, my current fulltime ministry is still culture and language aquisition, with the goal of Bible teaching, translation, and…

I have lived in East Africa on and off since 1991. Married with 3 sons, I fill my time with a variety of activities, all of which I love, especially if they involve other people and good…

I’m a colombian cross-cultural kid, serving as a nurse on the Africa Mercy with Mercy…

mental health care…

Momma of 2 little ladies, hanging out with my Bedouin neighbors. Speaking Arabic for almost 5…

Natalia has found herself back in Dominican Republic and readjusting to life in her childhood home. The last 9 years have taken her to Israel where she studied Music and volunteered in various music and social work projects. She loves to travel and enjoys singing and talking about life and following Jesus. Visiting coffee shops, going to classical music concerts, reading good books, sharing with friends, and writing are interests and activities she deeply enjoys carrying between cultures and continents. Natalia is in a season in which she is waiting to see what the Lord has in store for her as she readjusts to family relationships and culture. Currently, she teaches Language Arts at a local…

We are a handful of delightful ladies that get together to praise the Lord. Mostly on Wednesdays. #ordinarychristianity #superextraordinarygod :)…

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