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Based in Taipei since 1990, I long to see the people of Taiwan express their special hue for God's glory through healthy, reproducing fellowships and obedient followers who will reach out to the southern Min diaspora in SE Asia and beyond. Having grown up on a farmstead near an Ohio village called Orient, I often feel quite amazed that God has made 'the Orient' my earthly home for so many years, and with incredible opportunities to express His glory…

Just a simple person, living a simple life, serving the people in Costa…

New to the field, but so happy to say that God has already provided Sisters in Christ (real and virtual) to help me on this…

Heather is a pediatrician who is excited to reach out to people with the love of God as she helps with medical needs. She felt called to the field at the age of twelve but didn't know what it would look like. Through the years and the influence of different mentors, God has led her to medical work in Zambia. She completed her undergraduate work at Evangel University with her medical degree coming from the Medical College of Wisconsin. During her pediatric residency in Cleveland, OH at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital, she gained knowledge in tropical medicine by participating in the International Health track. She started her adventure in M work with a trip to Venezuela in high school…

Married to my high school sweetheart and mother of to my smiley little 2 year old! We have been living abroad just a little over a year and a…

Grew up in Southern California in the sun, near the beach. Dreamed of living in Africa as a child. Married a boy, had 2 boys of my own and then packed up our bags and moved to Uganda in 2006. It's been a journey, full of tears, struggles, pain, letting go and a whole lot of fun and awful filled moments. While this cross cultural life is hard, it is one I wouldn't trade! I work in animal disease control for a multi-national research organization and am a PhD student in veterinary epidemiology. Mom to 2 great boys and married to one great…

Completed 2 years on the field with my husband and just moved back to the states. Loving my Velvet Ashes community…

Wife of one, mom of three, disciple-maker in Monterrey, Mexico. We've been out of the USA since June 2003, except for brief visits to family and…

Twenty-five years ago I began this journey to Asia full of dreams and hope only to discover brokenness and heartache, yet in that, I discovered how deeply loved I am by our amazing Creator and Savior. I wouldn't trade it for…

I've been in Cambodia for almost 2 years. I spent 18 months in the big city learning language and now work in a rural village setting right on the western border with…

Living and loving on a university campus with my husband and four…

I and my team-mate Sarah live in a remote area of Western Cambodia with the vision of seeing a movement along the border of Cambodia and…

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