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Location: Haiti Region:

Danielle Wheeler is the girl who sat on her porch one day and had a dream breathed into her heart –a dream of global women linking virtual arms to find connection and courage for their cross-cultural lives. As Velvet Ashes’ founder, she loves watching this dream sprout and grow. She can be found buzzing around the streets of Beijing on an electric, canvas-covered tricycle, having dance parties with her three kids, or eating late night chocolate waffles with her…

  Karen Huber is a Kansas girl living with her husband and three children in Dublin, Ireland where they serve through the local church, the arts, and community service. When she’s not at home with her kiddos, she’s out drinking coffee with friends, writing in libraries, and laughing louder than is culturally…

Wife. Mama. Writer. Grace Lover. Serving those serving overseas from North Carolina. Velvet Ashes contributing writer and Twitter…

Laura is currently transitioning back to life in the US, which means she’s relearning how to use the ATM and remembering how to drive like an American, not a European. After spending over six years serving in three countries, she has developed a heart for encouraging women who are serving overseas and is thankful for how God has provided opportunities for her to share her stories and thoughts with…

Location: Arusha, Tanzania Region: Sub-Saharan Africa Visit My…

Emily is a teacher turned RN turned stay at home mom/artist. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to her either. She's lived on several continents but her favorite place on earth is in her kitchen cooking with her husband. She writes on her blog and others in an effort to make much of God and all He has done. These days, however, most of her creative energy goes toward making pretty things in her studio (which to the untrained eye looks an awful lot like a laundry room). She takes great joy in creating meaningful art for herself and custom creations for her…

Patty's heart belongs to Jesus, her wonderful husband Sam, the three extraordinary adults who call her Mom, and others who serve cross culturally.   Humbled, amazed, and quieted by a depth of love she can't explain, she delights in serving Jesus through life and leadership coaching and training, member care, and helping others thrive in the places they have been…

Location: Minnesota Region: North America Visit My…

I helped build this place…

From the day she flipped through her first National Geographic magazine as a five-year-old, Lauren Pinkston knew she had to see the world. Since then, she's traveled to five continents, read a lot of anthropology, and tried to figure out her place in a global community. Lauren currently works in SE Asia as a community development consultant while juggling language learning, cultural acquisition, and her own research in expat mental health. She's a husband lover, diaper changer, envelope pusher, justice seeker, and adoption…

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