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Registration for the Fall 2020 session of Connection Groups is closed.

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Skype Groups

For video chat groups, the times listed are in Eastern Standard Time, so convert to your local time using a time zone converter before you choose your group.
No Connection Groups currently. Please check back soon.

Facebook Live Chat Groups

For Facebook Live Chat groups, the times listed are in Eastern Standard Time, so convert to your local time using a time zone converter before you choose your group.

Facebook Live Chat Group 1

For moms of adopted, multi-cultural and/or special needs kids

Facebook Live Chats are a fun hybrid group that combine the elements of a video chat group that
meets once a week with Facebook posts that might be easier for those who have weaker
Internet. Groups meet at a specific time each week.

Leader: Christina Miyano

In 2006, Christina Miyano and her husband of 3 months landed in Cambodia. Over the last 14 years she has seen God move in unimaginable and miraculous ways through the group home they have established which currently has 23 students (ages 7-22). Christina and Taka are a multicultural family: Caucasian-American and Japanese with a Cambodian for one daughter, and two biological children; the youngest of which has spina bifida.

Type: Facebook Live Chat
Status: Full
Openings: 0

Weekly Meeting:
Tuesday 2:00 AM EST

Sorry Group is Full

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups will open in three waves taking time zones around the world into consideration.
No Connection Groups currently. Please check back soon.

Email Groups

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Texting Groups

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Interested in Leading A Group?


  • A small group of women serving in different places across the world.
  • An opportunity to share and encourage one another.
  • An experience led by a group facilitator.
  • After updating each other on your week, your facilitator will lead a discussion based on the weekly theme and posts.
  • Velvet Ashes offers a spring session and a fall session of Connection Groups.
  • Registration is announced at Velvet Ashes and takes place on a first-come-first-serve basis.

There are different options for Connection Groups:

  • Video Chat Groups—Groups meet for a weekly video conference call at a designated time each week. Groups also have a private Facebook or messaging app group for further connection building. Discussions are led by the group facilitator.
  • Facebook Live Chat Groups—Groups meet for a weekly Facebook Live Chat at a specified time each week by interacting with questions and prompts in a private Facebook group. Discussions are led by the group facilitator and are based on weekly themes and posts.
  • Facebook Groups—Groups share throughout the week in a private Facebook group. No designated time. Questions and prompts are facilitated by the group facilitator throughout the week.
  • Email Groups—Groups happen via email. At the beginning of the week, the facilitator emails out the discussion questions (same questions the other groups use).  Group members then reply all throughout the week.
  • Texting Group—Group will meet via a messaging app (like Line or WhatsApp) throughout the week (no designated time). Questions and prompts will be facilitated by the group facilitator throughout the week, based on weekly themes.

Plus, we’ve got groups especially for singles, moms on the field, those who have returned to their passport country, as well as groups for anyone on the field. We also have regional groups so you can connect with those serving near you. You don’t have to walk this overseas journey alone!

We know that not everyone has Facebook or internet strong enough for a video call. That’s why there are all different kinds of groups and platforms available! Carefully think through your schedule and time commitment as you choose your group so that you can fully participate each week.

We do ask that you choose only one group so that as many women as possible can experience community through Connection Groups.

All of our facilitators have been selected and referenced as trustworthy women who have a heart to encourage others. Don’t feel like you have to have a facilitator that is in your same stage of life. Part of the beauty of Velvet Ashes is that we are a beautiful mix of all stages of life, and we have so much to offer each other.

That being said, if you really want to connect with another mom, another single woman, or someone also in re-entry, feel free to jump in her group if it works for you.