Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust {Book Club}

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust {Book Club}

How do you decide whom to trust?

If it’s someone you know well, you can use their track record. You know you can trust people who have proven themselves honest, and not people who are habitually deceptive.

It’s more difficult with strangers. You don’t have history to fall back on. Some people are more analytical – looking at what evidence they have, asking themselves whether the person in question has a reason to lie, what do they stand to gain from honesty or deception? Others go with their gut, intuitively feeling that this person can be trusted or not.

I can think of two specific instances when I had to decide whether or not to trust a stranger on the spot. In one case, I did trust them, and things turned out great. In the other case, I did not trust them – and I’ll never know how things would have turned out if I had. Both times, I could not explain why I did or did not trust the person. One just “seemed” ok, and the other made me nervous for no reason I could pinpoint. In retrospect, I may be able to come up with some kind of rationalization of why I would trust a stranger or not, but in the moment, I decide intuitively.

The section of Dust (Heirs of Neverland #1), by Kara Swanson, that we read this week presented us with 3 different men Claire had to decide to trust or not.

First was James Hocken, alias Captain Hook (I knew it!). I found myself wanting to believe his story, despite the fact that he stands to gain something from deceiving Claire and the other fact that he is the villain in the story we all know. Then, he also clued Claire in to the pub the Lost Boys frequent, in order for them to capture her and apparently force her to cooperate with him. Despite his track record, I believe there are elements of truth in his story.

Next was Officer Jeremy Darling, who is from that Darling family after all. This is the Guardian that Peter was so anxious about talking to in last week’s chapters. He is tasked with somehow keeping Neverland and the real world (“our” world? kind of…) separate and whole, protected from each other. I feel like I should trust him, but I’m a bit suspicious. Since we first met him at the police station, he has been hiding the truth. What isn’t he saying? His reaction to witnessing Claire’s dust was reassuring, though.

Third was Peter. Officer Darling/the Guardian told him, “You’re not the good guy, Peter Pan. You’re just the other one vying for control of Neverland.” Peter seems to believe he’s trying to save Neverland. (From what? The destruction everyone says he caused?) I am very suspicious of him. We know that he’s lying to Claire, since he couldn’t reveal his real identity to her. Claire admitted that she is biased against Peter, saying to herself, “Perhaps my own hatred and distrust of anything Peter Pan is overshadowing the elements of this story that are worth trusting. I need to keep my eyes open, but maybe I need to have a bit of faith too.” Lily, however, seems trustworthy, and she also believes that Peter is the best hope for Neverland. So…[shrugs].

Most of the time, truth lies somewhere between the various perspectives given. I am sure that is the case here, too. I wonder: what really happened to Conner? Will Claire reconnect with N or is his part in the story done? What does it mean that Neverland was torn apart?

Join me in the comments! Do you decide whether or not to trust people analytically or intuitively? What do you think of Hook, Darling, and Peter? Should Claire trust any of them?

Here’s the reading schedule for the rest of the month:

June 15: Ch 19-28

June 22: Ch 29-38

June 29: Sabbath Week at VA so no Book Club

In July we want to get excited about the Olympics! We will be reading Butterfly: From Refugee to Olympian- My Story of Rescue, Hope and Triumph by Yusra Mardini.


  1. Michelle June 8, 2021

    Well I am really enjoying this book. I’m not usually a big fantasy reader, but this one has pulled me in. I tend to be extremely analytical in considering who I will trust and why. And while Peter has a likability to him, I am not sure I would advise Claire to trust him. I also suspect that there is some truth in Captain Hook’s accusations. (Like I said last time, Once Upon a Time kinda ruined Peter Pan’s character for me.)

    I was so happy to hear that Claire’s dust was actually pixie dust, not magical psoriasis. 😂

    Here’s my big question at the moment… Are Claire and Conner REALLY full siblings? While Peter knows who Claire really is, not everyone else seems to. But they do seem to be familiar with Conner. If Conner had magical abilities, wouldn’t it be suspected by Hook, the Lost Boys, and Darling that Claire would as well? Yet Darling commented about how Peter had lied to him when he realized that Claire wasn’t actually fully human.

    I’m looking forward to what the rest of the book holds.

    1. Rachel Kahindi June 8, 2021

      Oh yes! I had also wondered that about Connor and Claire. She said at the beginning that they were twins, but why does she make pixie dust and he doesn’t? He seems to either be fully human or he has some kind of magic that he can hide from others.

  2. Bayta Schwarz June 8, 2021

    I didn’t get into the first part so much (probably mostly because I was in the throes of packing up my apartment) but ended up racing through the second one (now that I have time and space to sit on my friend’s balcony and read). I’m still pretty confused by it all (in a good way!) but love the fact that the characters aren’t all good or all bad but rather a complicated mix of both.
    That issue of trust is a tough one! Obviously, Claire’s experience would have taught her that most likely people are not trustworthy. So it’s even more amazing that she does choose to trust Peter/Ben. I also was reminded of being in a new place where you don’t even know the basic clues that might give you hints as to someone’s character. You feel so lost and vulnerable! I’m probably like you, Rachel, in that I tend to go with my gut instinct.

    1. Rachel Kahindi June 8, 2021

      That’s such a good point about trustworthiness cues varying between cultures. My husband advises people here in Kenya before they go for visa interviews: look the interviewer in the eye when you answer, otherwise they will think you’re lying. In this culture, averting your eyes when answering someone is a sign of respect, not deceit.

      1. Bayta Schwarz June 8, 2021

        That’s a great example! For me, personal space also fits that category. If someone keeps invading my personal space, I am instantly mistrustful. Yet that is such a cultural concept!

  3. Sarah Hilkemann June 8, 2021

    I really liked the character development and action in this section! 🙂 Like Bayta, I have so many more questions even as more information comes.
    I want to like Peter Pan, but like you all I’m not sure if I can trust him. I wish he wouldn’t have lied to Claire even though she might not have gone along with him if he had revealed who he really was.
    I don’t trust people easily out of an abundance of caution and desire to be safe. This makes it hard to be vulnerable or ask for help, even from people I know!

    1. Rachel Kahindi June 8, 2021

      Making up the identity of Ben Kensington was such a rookie mistake on Peter’s part (but, ok, he’s not all the way grown up yet…). She wouldn’t have trusted him if he told her he was Peter. But now, everything’s over as soon as she finds out he’s been lying to her! I keep bracing myself for that shoe to drop.

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