Glimpses of Glory {Book Club}

Glimpses of Glory {Book Club}

“Waiting had filled so much of the Story”.

Always Love

The disciples and Jesus’ followers spent much of the time they walked with him confused. They didn’t understand his teachings that turned everything they thought they knew upside down. The way He spoke of his coming death and resurrection didn’t fit in their finite minds.

I think I would given up after watching Jesus crucified. I love the honesty of the two pilgrims on the Emmaus Road when Jesus walked with them (before they knew it was him). “We had hoped…” they said as they shared their sorrow and uncertainty.

They pictured the Rescuer’s coming a different way and certainly didn’t picture him dying. They didn’t know all that was happening in those days of waiting and wondering.

This last section especially of Always Love reminded me to keep going. God is working in the times when it feels impossible that anything is changing or happening. He is for me, for us. This fills me with so much hope.

I so enjoyed this book and I hope you did too! Was there a story that came alive for you in a whole new way? Something that made you want to grab your Bible and dig in deeper? A person that you identified with? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

As we wrap up I’d like to share a few final thoughts from Sara Lubbers, the author of Always Love!

I wrote Always Love for anyone longing to know the Lord more deeply and rest in His love; for anyone longing to see more fully how Scripture fits together and how their story fits into God’s ever-unfolding-Story. So far, many different people in different seasons and stages of life have enjoyed Always Love. Families have used it devotionally, reading it aloud to children 8+. I’ve gotten feedback from teens and parents of teens saying they encountered God powerfully in it and grew to rest in His love more. Peers my age and in our line of work said the book put fresh wind in their sails as they’re growing to love and serve Jesus in broken places. And even adults in their 60s who have been in church all their life have written me telling the Lord met them in the book. Those are the people I wrote it for; that’s what I was hoping would happen. That children of God, young and old, would find the book meeting them wherever they are and spurring them on to love God, His World, and the Story He’s writing in fresh and deeper ways!

Want to dig deeper as you read this book? Sara has a free study guide on her website! You can find that here.

Join us next month as we read the Young Adult Novel Dust by Kara Swanson. Here’s the schedule for the book:

June 1: Ch 1-9

June 8: Ch 10-18

June 15: Ch 19-28

June 22: Ch 29-38

June 29: Sabbath Week at VA so no Book Club

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