Have You Seen? {April 18th, 2021}

Last Week’s Theme: Space

On Undoing by Beth Barthelemy—”I thought back to last October, when I realized how much perfection I expected of myself, and when each day I did not measure up, I felt like a constant failure. What am I doing well? That list was short, in my own mind. Could I undo some of these unattainable expectations against which I’d been measuring myself?”

Bucket List {Book Club} by Rachel Kahindi—”One day I decided that I wanted to learn to crochet. For no real reason, I had a crochet hook in my sewing bag (that is mostly used for sewing buttons back on to things). I also happened to have a ball of yarn. I grabbed those and spent some time with Pinterest and YouTube and just started crocheting.”

A Spacious Place by Jodie Pine—”Our collective souls feel weary from lugging around the weight of these feelings, like heavy suitcases we haven’t been able to hand off at the airport check-in counter. Sheltering in place has sucked much away. Confined us. Limited our lives to the space between four walls. Where the very air we breathe has possibly grown stale. And we’re longing for escape.”

The Shape of the Spaces that Hold Us by Hannah Turnbow—”Sometimes I still feel a tinge of lingering unsettledness at the sudden ending to a class that held a special sweetness to me. In the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic during my last year teaching overseas, our classes suddenly halted in-person learning. However, I knew little then of the rising and falling of expectations that would fill time over the course of the next year.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

The first downpour of rainy season, bringing cool that settles dust and hearts. 

Pink buds emerging like hope as spring arrives in all her glory. 

The steady predictability of seasons that only change the weather the slightest bit. 

Seasons teach us, shape us, influence our minds and hearts. They give us words to describe this life we live across the globe, the state of our souls and the changes that come. 

This is Retreat Week at Velvet Ashes, and we are so ready to lean in to hear the invitations God has for each of us in the season of our soul. Will you join us? It isn’t too late to sign up for this Online Retreat and carve out flexible time to spend resting and listening. 

What have the seasons where you live taught you? What is your soul longing for right now? Join us this week! 


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