Have You Seen? {April 26, 2015}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

The Community Map

Have you gotten a chance to add your information to The Community Map? Check it out and marvel at how B-I-G God’s heart is for the world. We’d love to hear how this leads to connections in real life. If you don’t see your entry or you have questions, contact us at [email protected] We love the map and the possibilities it represents, don’t you?!





For anyone interested in writing for Velvet Ashes, we’ve posted our summer themes.  Check them out at our submission guidelines, and send us a submission for consideration.  The sooner we get a submission from you, the better!

Last Week’s Theme: Trust

Jesus Loves Me This I Sometimes Know by Elizabeth Trotter — “I’m married to a man who has all the gifts. Seriously. You name it, he’s got it. And as he and his gifts have grown more public these past few years, I began to believe nobody valued my gifts or even noticed them. Nobody saw me, I told myself; they only saw him. I convinced myself the world didn’t want anything I had to offer; they only wanted what he had to offer.”

When Your Soul Gets Sucker Punched {Book Club, Special Announcement and a Give Away} by Amy Young — “As you read through chapter 8 I bet you could relate to the themes: health, infertility, local friends in our daily life (house help, landlords, language tutors), local beliefs, our own families. I’ll be curious to hear what stood out to you, but in rereading this chapter I had forgotten Shivraj had aplastic anemia. So did my dad.”

When Trusting God Leads To More Releasing by Margie Swenson — “Now when I think about “release” I am reminded that the only way I can let go of whatever it is I am trying to control is by choosing to trust God with the very thing I so long to clutch and cling to. ‘Release’ leads to trust. More ‘release,’ more trust.”

Embracing the Thorn by Emily Thomas — “I find it easier to trust God with the catastrophic events than the everyday irritations. The thorns. This is partially because the large-scale disasters are infrequent and also because they are clearly out of my control. Being nice to my family when I’m hungry though? That’s another story.”

Don’t Trust Anyone {The Grove: Trust} by Patty Stallings — “People will offend you. Forget you. Disappoint you. Betray you. Leave you.  Fail you.  They will move away, leaving gaping holes in your heart.  They will misunderstand you, leaving you bewildered.  They will break your confidence, break your spirit, break your heart.”

From Around the Web

Related to this week’s theme, Melissa Danisi explores the Fear of Man vs. Fear of God as it relates to trust.

In follow-up to the retreat and Laura’s encouragement to keep fighting for community even when it’s hard, read about When Making Friends Feels More Like Work Than a Party.

Elizabeth Trotter continues in her series of Lies We Believe with God is Disappointed With Me. 

We can all relate to On Offending and Mending – The Challenges of Cross-Cultural Living.

M’Lynn reflects on the Velvet Ashes retreat and On Learning to Live Light and Free.

Ever wonder How long does reverse culture shock last?

And Now for Next Week

The Theme is…

soul care


When we launched registration for the Velvet Ashes Retreat, the thing we kept hearing from women across the world was, “I really need this!”

The Retreat was an invitation for all of us women to actually do what our souls were longing for.

To stop.  To rest.  To renew.

Our hope and prayer is that the Retreat experience inspired women that they can find rest and refreshment right where they are… if they will actually take the time to do it.  What if you practiced your own half-day retreat monthly or weekly?  How would that change the state of your soul?

What does “soul care” really mean in the daily routine of life?  Is it just a spiritual term to mask selfish desires?  Or is it a lifeline? A key to surviving and thriving in a life of service?

We want to know, what does soul care look like for you?  How do you do it?  What happens if you don’t?  What’s been your story?

Bring your link ups to The Grove beginning Thursday 6pm EST.

If you’re looking for a deep exhale, you’ll find it here at Velvet Ashes this week.

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