Have You Seen? {April 4th, 2021}

Last Week’s Theme: Remain

Tree of Abiding by Jenny Erlingsson—”Identity, Intimacy & Influence. These three words are what I whisper when I need to get myself and my relationship with Christ off the checklist and into the center of everything.”

Living and Loving Wholeheartedly {Book Club} by Sarah Hilkemann—”She said, ‘Peacekeeping is a result of our fear. But perfect love casts out fear, so peacemaking flourishes from our love: love for God, love for people, love for the world.’ “

Remaining for a Purpose + Creamy Sweet Potato and Squash Soup by Ashley Felder—”As I processed this reality last month, I felt more and more trapped. Why were we chosen to remain?! I’m so weak. I’d rather have the comforts of being elsewhere.”

The Beauty that Remains by Jenilee Goodwin—”We can trust Him, trust the process, trust the seasons. We can bask in the knowledge that even in the changing seasons, He is doing something amazing. He is at work when we can not see Him.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

Photo by Neil Bates on Unsplash

El Shaddai. Yahweh Shalom. El Olam. Jesus. The Resurrection and the Life.

Salvation is in his name. We worship in his name. It is at the name of Jesus that every knee will one day bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

The names of God provided for us in Scripture are a rich and comforting treasure, deepening our understanding of who He is and even who we are in Him. Join us this week as we explore the names of God.

May his name bring you peace and hope today, friends. Happy Easter.



This year’s Retreat was designed to fit a 2-night, 40 hour schedule. This allows you to really soak in the time with the Father, moving slowly through each element of the Retreat. But we know that isn’t an option for everyone! So there are also shorter schedule options and ideas for how to utilize your time well. There’s still time to register- just click on the button to learn more!

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