Have You Seen? {April 5th, 2020}

No matter where you are in the world these days Covid-19 has changed how you interact with a culture you love. Maybe you are currently displaced or maybe you are isolated.

You might find yourself wondering, “How do I connect with the culture?” 

Enter the Global Trellis Culture Challenge. Because no matter where you are, you are somewhere. You are still engaged with a culture that is beautiful and messy and needs Jesus. You are still able to learn. You can take breaks from the weight of this time, as you learn more about a place you love. This challenge is for you, right where you are.

Learn more and join today.

Last Week’s Theme: Surefooted

Holding On To the Truth That Steadies Us by Brianna Brown—”As his little feet step onto the first block his demeanor changes, he’s suddenly off balance, wobbly and unsure of his footing. He tries to take a couple steps to cross his carefully made course, but he can’t do it. His efforts are in vain on his own, and he reaches out his squishy hand to grab mine. As his fingers wrap around my hand, he’s suddenly steadied, surefooted and secure. He knows he needs help crossing the course and trusts the one he knows will steady him.”

Happily Ever After {Book Club} by Sarah Hilkemann—”At the end of the last section we watched Emma’s snide remark hurt Miss Bates at the Box Hill picnic, and in this one we get to follow along as she anguished over it. I feel like in more modern stories Emma could have made such a comment, passed it off, and moved on without a second thought. It was impressive to me how much she regretted her treatment of Miss Bates and the pains she took to mend the relationship.”

I’ll Take Your Shoulders by Maria Mullet—”I see a dad, and I see a toddler. The sun shining on their wide smiles. They’re outside, walking towards the light. They reach a hill. The toddler tires. Without missing a beat, Dad reaches down and hoists toddler up onto his shoulders. Toddler throws his head back in laughter. Dad runs up the hill, toddler hanging on but clearly having the ride of his life. There is so much joy. There is so much trust. And the toddler is doing nothing. Riding on the shoulders of dad. His sure steps carrying them both up the hill. I lay in my bed that night and felt this deep sense of peace. That’s a dad. That’s a father. And God calls Himself that …. To us.”

Our Gift to You by Denise Beck—”As overwhelmed as many of us are by our lack of funds, community, resources, safety, etc., this provides a blank canvas for God to show up. A wide open space for us to see Him working because our distractions are quieted. And although we may not feel like journaling or writing down our stories, someday, our granddaughters may wish we did. Who knows how our words written in a desert time may find fertile soil to grow!”

Remaining Surefooted in Unsettled Times by Jenilee Goodwin—”If there is something the world is missing right now, it’s surefootedness. The days seem to be missing the steady, solid, sure steps that normally move us forward into the coming days, weeks and months. Even as I type this, things are shifting, changing and developing across the world in unbelievable ways. Who could have imagined the incredible scenes playing out in our neighborhoods, cities and countries? Unsettled and unknown, we are waking each day to news that we don’t know how to fully process. Travel restrictions, quarantines, cancelations, sickness, and death tolls climb to heart-breaking levels that make us shake and question our place, our mission, our safety.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

Is this worth it?

I really want to go home.

I can’t tell anyone how hard this is.

Internal and external pressure to “have it all together” as cross-cultural workers can build walls, keeping our fears and doubts and struggles hidden. Shame hovers nearby.

What do you do with those questions you would rather hide from the world?

We don’t want to force you to share in ways you aren’t comfortable with, but we do want to talk about bringing what is hidden in our hearts out into the light of Christ’s love and sister accountability. We want you to know that you aren’t alone in the doubts, the fears, the struggles. We want to get real with each other and push each other to find those safe people that we can share with.

This week you will hear from women just like you who are opening up the door of their hearts. They will share the ways they have been challenged to be vulnerable, and we are so grateful for their honesty. You have the freedom to join the conversation in the comments of these posts, or to find other ways to process and share what is on your heart.

We want you to know you are welcome. You are loved. You are seen.

What do you think?

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