Have You Seen? {April 9, 2017}


Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Admit

I Am Not Superwoman by Laura Bowling— “Admitting and accepting my limits has given me freedom to choose the right things, instead of all the things. I am learning to be brave enough to live within my limits and to give myself the grace to do that. I give myself permission to say no and to ask for help.”

The Generosity of God {Book Club} by Kimberlee Conway Ireton— “From repentance flows the amazed realization of what God has done and is doing for us all the time. Forgiveness is a gift. Transformation is a gift. This life we’ve been given in Christ—is all gift. And when we realize just how much we’ve been given, the practice of giving moves from the realm of duty to the realm of delight, as it was for Lexie and her family.”

Admit It by Madonna Mauer— “These days Weary and Burden seem to link arms with me as I walk on this path of life. That is hard for me to admit. I have been self-sufficient and fairly independent my entire life, but I believe that is what God wanted to work out of my life.”

Admitting the Ugly Truth by Lindsey Brewer— “I had to finally admit to myself – and especially to God- what I was really angry about. It wasn’t just about the miscarriages, although those were heartbreaking. But by serving him in this place, by following my husband to this country, I felt like he OWED me something. Can you imagine? The God of the universe, who sacrificed his son to give me life, owed ME. Because I was living in a place with no Starbucks,  Amazon delivery or decent hamburgers, I was entitled to be in God’s debt?”

Admitting that I’m Half the Problem by Lauren Pinkston— “I’m half responsible for broken relationships. I’m half responsible for poor communication. I’m half responsible for unhealthy assumptions. And it’s my job (especially when we’re talking about team relationships on the field) to admit when I’ve done wrong and ask for forgiveness from my neighbor.”

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And Now for Next Week

The theme is . . .

We are on familiar territory. We know we have been forgiven. We know we are called to forgive. We know how sometimes forgiveness comes easily and other moments the cost seems too great.

We know all this.

But let us spend this Holy Week walking with the disciples as they follow Jesus into Jerusalem. Let’s be reminded of what our sin cost Jesus. Let’s marvel together how he willingly went to the cross to pay for our sins. Let’s explore how we have come to see “forgive” in a new light having lived on foreign soil.

Join the discussion this week in the comments, on Instagram using #VelvetAshesForgive, and then at The Grove beginning Thursday 6pm EST. Bring your blog posts to link up.

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