Have You Seen? {August 11, 2019}

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading. 

Last Week’s Theme: Welcome to Velvet Ashes

Welcoming… Our New Executive Director! by Velvet Ashes Team—”I am so thankful to know through the obedience of others, that God was listening to my longings, your longings, and the heart cries of others like us.  Through them He was preparing a way to care for those deep needs through Velvet Ashes.I am so thrilled that years later, God has moved me to carry on the work that was started; to be a part of His story; to be a part of your tribe.”

We’re Not Animals, Are We? {Book Club} by Amy Young—”I see parallels between Britt-Marie and many of us. Here she is, age 63, and life took a left turn she did not want it to take. She is having to navigate Post-Kent Territory and needs to find new guides since her main choice (Kent) is no longer an option. Between visas, health, schooling, organizational changes, finances, family needs, or a poor fit, we cross-cultural workers are familiar with life taking turns or moving a pace that leaves us feeling at a loss.”

Shalom in the Midst of It All by Velvet Ashes Team—”If we could, we would invite each and every one of you to get away to a place of solitude, offering time to commune with the Father and also share in the sweet fellowship of sisters who long to go deep together. Instead, every spring we offer you the opportunity to retreat right where you are, whether you close your bedroom door for some alone time or gather a few friends and teammates for a weekend.”

Invitation to Connection by Katelyn Comer—”We had lived overseas for 18 months and I was still trying to find a space to feel understood. My friends from my home town were wonderful, but there was no way to put into words what we were going through in our host country. The women in our host country were sweet and fun! I was just finding that I needed to explain so much of myself on a daily basis. I was very tired, and a bit overwhelmed.”

This is Us {The Grove: Welcome to Velvet Ashes} by Velvet Ashes Team—”If you are new around here, welcome! We hope you will find your place in this community of global sisters. Even if you’ve been around awhile, consider this a refresher of all that you can find here!”

From Around the Web

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Heading to the field soon? Learn more about Amy Young’s upcoming book, Getting Started: Making the Most of Your First Year In Cross-cultural Service

Noteworthy from Instagram: What My Kids Fight Over and A Micro Essay on the Single Expat Life

Finally, When You Don’t Belong- and Why That’s Okay

And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

You lean in close to the airplane window, excitement bubbling up within you. The scene looks different than what you just left, and your heart still aches a bit from teary goodbyes. Your eyes feel heavy from the lack of sleep, but you can’t help smiling. This is your new home.

Maybe your arrival to the field wasn’t by plane, and actually, it might have been bumpy and boring and definitely not the adventure you were hoping for.

But here you are.

Ready to settle in and learn and grow and love. Ready to sacrifice and serve and receive in ways you can’t imagine but can’t wait to experience.

Welcome to life on the field.

As we continue our discussion of transition this month, think back with us to those initial days (and weeks and months) when you arrived at the place you are serving or have lived. If you are still preparing, we hope this week can be a tool in your tool belt as you make plans and get ready.

Add your memories of your first moments on the field this week on Instagram with the hashtag #VelvetAshesWelcometotheField. What tips would you share for adjusting? What encouragement would you share for landing in a new place well?

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