Have You Seen {August 14, 2016}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.


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Last Week’s Theme: 

A Pep Talk for Those who Go by Lauren Pinkston—”I get disheartened. I desire earthly comforts. I mourn all the things that I’ve lost. And it’s okay. You can go there, too. But bring yourself back. Back to the beginning. Back to the doe-eyed girl who believed she could change the world. THAT PERSON IS STILL YOU. And you’re doing it. You’re changing the world.”

When You Read a Book in a Different Space {Book Club} by Amy Young—”By page three I already had to pause and reflect on how the same book can hit you so very differently based on when in life you read it. When I first read this, it was casually put in my hands as a delightful read, I was in China with no inkling I would be in a faraway place, and my father was alive. Timing people. Timing is everything.”

When Going is Your First “Real Job” {An interview} by the Velvet Ashes Team—As we editors mapped out this series we loved every post we’ve included, but notice a gaping hole: young single women! We didn’t want to only hear from moms or people a bit further down the path. Jenny as agreed to share a bit of her story with us today as she shares from the perspective of a recent college grad preparing to go to the field for the first time.

Potato Chips as a Healthy Meal {The Grove: Go!} by Amy Young—”Welcome! It can be exciting or overwhelming, but without exception, transitions are exhausting. They just are. So, you have permission (if it helps, you can say you were assigned) to watch at least one sports movie in the next few weeks. Watch with an eye for what you can learn about running your race. When you ‘do your homework,’ here are four areas to tune into: . . . ”

Instagram Highlight for #VelvetAshesGo

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This week’s Instagram picture comes from @jenilee220 who perfectly describes the emotions of the day you GO…

“Nearing two years ago… This moment will forever be etched in my mind. Leaving From #chicagoohare and I’ve not touched US soil since… One of the most poignant and difficult days of my life… Yet, one of the most exciting, long-awaited days. Go time is full of such juxtapositions…”

We have a growing group of goers who are signing up for our “Leaving Home” series. And @jenilee220 happens to be one of the amazing facilitators for the closed FB group you get to join when you sign up.

From Around the Web

The Great Lie America Sent to Tanzania.

This is Cross-Cultural Work.

Moralism v. Spiritual Practices.

The Extreme Importance of Expat Ignorance Part 2: Embracing it.

Transitionitis: Also known as Happy and Sad Syndrome (HASS).

Finally, “GOD LOVES ME. I really could stop at that title.But there is a story, as always, behind the title.

And Now for Next Week

The theme is . . .


It’s the inborn desire in us to have and to make for ourselves a place that is our own.  But what does that look like when we live the lives that we do?!  

How do you make a home overseas?

What things do you have to let go of?  What things do you need for your space to feel like home?

How do you nest when your life is one temporary home after another, when security and permanence feel like a mirage?

Join us this week for great discussions surrounding our posts.  Don’t miss The Grove where you can link up your own blog posts on this week’s them.

Plus, this theme is perfect for Instagram!  Tag your pictures with #velvetashesnest and show us what your nest looks like!  Images will appear automatically in The Grove and one will be selected and featured in our weekend “Have You Seen?” post.

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