Have You Seen? {August 15th, 2021}

We are a community of women living and serving abroad–and we would love for you to offer your words here. We’ll be richer for hearing from you. There are still openings for guest post submissions for our upcoming themes! Check out our Submissions Page for all the details.

Last Week’s Theme: Women & Member Care

It’s a Big Day Here at Velvet Ashes! by Danielle Wheeler—”We hope you’ll join us in this year’s Unplugged Retreat for the richness of the theme ‘Jesus and Prayer.’ You can gather a group and retreat in the joy of community or enjoy it in the sweetness of solitude. Our Retreat Guide will lead you through both formats.”

Darkness {Book Club} by Amanda Hutton—”Is it just me—or is anyone else like WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS BOOK?!? Every time I turn the page, I am expecting to understand something new about the plot, but instead I feel even more confused. Each paragraph leads me to more questions than answers, and I do not like it. Ok, maybe it is a little fun, but for now I am confused.”

A Retreat Experience for Your Weary Soul by Alison Brown—”I long to be with the Lord, but often I don’t know how to spend the time. The Unplugged Retreat was the perfect scaffolding to be with the Lord for an extended period of time. The theme was focused on the word Hinneni, Hebrew for ‘Here I am’. In the Lord’s mercy, He dynamically met me and the six women who retreated with me.”

We are Resilient… And We Need Help by Beth Barthelemy—”Women living and working overseas are some of the most resilient in the world. Think about it (or maybe you already do): we leave the familiarity and comfort of our passport countries, often in exchange for less comfort, always for less familiarity. We put a lot of energy into communicating in a second, or third, language; we raise our children far away from any family support; we often live in places of unrest, of poverty, of tension, of insecurity.”

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Finally, For the Women Who Hold the World Together

And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

Sending organizations are far from perfect! We’ll be the first to tell you that. We also live in a time when many are sent from a church or go out on their own without an organization. 

For those of us with sending organizations we know the services they provide are wide and varied. Sometimes they train us, or provide structures for our finances, retirement, member care, and health insurance. Some of us have great experiences and some of us have stories of hurt. 

Do women have a role in your organization or voice into leadership decisions? In what ways does this affect you on the field, or help you feel seen and heard? 

If there are places where there is room for growth in the way we send out women, how would you encourage that to happen?

We are continuing our series on women and our unique experiences in cross-cultural work! We would love for you to join the conversation. Check out our blog posts this week and add your thoughts on social media!


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