Have You Seen? {August 22nd, 2021}

Last Week’s Theme: Women and Sending Organizations

Lessons From When I Belonged at the Zoo by Denise Beck—”Sending agencies historically have men in positions of leadership. And these men in many instances do a great job of seeing to the needs of those they send. But having never been a woman, there are certain idiosyncrasies that will never be forefront in their minds as they make decisions.”

The Key {Book Club} by Amanda Hutton—”We started off this section by being introduced to Sarah and Karon, uniquely creepy yet sort of bland people that have settled in their sadness. They are not fully crippled by their regrets, yet do not have a desire to live their lives to the fullest. Sarah even states, “You can stay here, but you can’t live here.” There is a lack of forgiveness or resolution in their lives that is keeping them from moving on.”

Change the Discussion, Change the World by Junia—”Third, never forget this is a kingdom work. The God who created us in his image, male and female, is concerned with our hearts and how we go about the work we do. There is a saying: change the discussion, change the world!  Conversations like this need to be done with love, humility, prayer, and mutual submission.”

Honest Dialogue with Our Shepherding Organizations by Lauren Pinkston—”I believe it is our honesty as women – speaking up for our needs and walking obediently in our own discipleship – that will transform traditional forms of member care into more equitable models from our sending organizations.

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

We are continuing our series on our experiences as women in cross-cultural work!

Some of us went through weeks of pre-field training, months of interning or classes, or years of Bible college before ever setting foot on a plane or packing up our lives for overseas work.

Did you feel equipped as you headed to the field? What took you by surprise that you wish someone would have trained you for or prepared you for? 

Are there gaps in training for women preparing to serve cross-culturally? What would you say to a woman preparing to come to the field about training she should get before leaving?

We are continuing to ponder, ask questions and discuss together! You are welcome to join us through the blog posts this week and on social media.


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