Have You Seen? {August 23, 2015}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Mothering TCKs

What I Want To Give My TCKs by Elizabeth Trotter — “I didn’t know I’d need to juggle my own complicated emotions at the same time as my children’s. It’s hard for me not to outlaw my own emotions, so it takes conscious effort to give my kids the time and space they need to grieve and mourn their own losses. I want to find the silver lining too soon, to rush too fast to a happy ending. It’s hard not to swoop in prematurely in an attempt to ease their pain.”

When You’re On the Stage and not In the Audience {Book Club} by Amy Young — “In Dawsey’s 2nd April letter, he struck on two universal truths: 1. Boredom is powerful. Have you heard of HALT-B? Where have you experienced boredom in your life recently? 2. Reading fosters friendships.”

Five Longings of a TCK’s Heart by Taylor Murray — “As TCKs, we have many hidden yearnings tucked deep within us, but many of us refuse to articulate them to our parents. We often choose silence in our effort to be brave. We choose to stuff our emotions, not wanting to be a problem or to hinder your ministry. Why? Many of us are taught from a young age to serve God whole-heartedly. These personal desires sound selfish and immature to us, and guilt can frequently fuel our silence.”

5 Ways God Gives More To Your Kids Than You Can Imagine by Renee Aupperlee — “I discovered a simple and profound truth: God loves my kids infinitely more than I do and His heart towards them is always good. That means that this life of airplanes and cultures and goodbyes is actually accomplishing His amazing, perfect purposes in, and through, and for them.”

Questions, Challenges and Blessings {The Grove: Mothering TCKs} by The Velvet Ashes Team — “The topic of mothering TCKs is big, so lets break it down and look at questions, challenges and blessings in these stages: newborn to two, 3-6, 7-13, 13-18, college age, early adulthood.”

From Around the Web

This is a “must book mark” site for moms of TCKs: Third Culture Caravan. In addition to this website, lots of good reads out there recently related to TCKs:

Finally,  Harmonizing Sadness and Joy in the lives and work of cross-cultural servants.

And Now for Next Week

The Theme is…


As summer starts to show signs she won’t be here forever and the school year will quickly be upon you, it’s time to extend an official “Howdy” and “Welcome” to you who are new to the field, having arrived recently or will be soon to arrive.

Want to know one of the hardest parts of living overseas? Nope, it’s not the size of your kitchen or the type of bathroom you have (though both may be stressful). One of the hardest parts? How much you will need to ask of others. How helpless you may feel. How tired you may feel that you can’t provide for yourself in ways you could just months before.

But more than being hard, it’s one of the sneakiest ways the enemy wants to keep you isolated, overwhelmed, and discouraged. So, this week we’re pushing back. We’re talking about how hard it is to ask and ask and ask and swim in what feels like neediness.

We’re hoping that collectively we can say, Jesus was on to something when he said, “Ask and you shall receive.” We’re asking. Asking in quiet whispers, using the wrong words (What? I asked for what? Why is this language so hard?!), asking with expectation.

Please join us at The Grove beginning on Thursday, 6 pm US EST to share your own stories and insights as we gather around the theme of Ask.

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