Have You Seen? {August 29th, 2021}

Last Week’s Theme: Women and Training

Training Women Well for the Long Haul by Rachel Pieh Jones—”Training needs to continue far beyond the orientation weeks. It should be regular and ongoing. It needs to intentionally include women no matter their role or stage of life.”

Light {Book Club} by Amanda Hutton—”The memories that would haunt or help did not come in any specific order. The characters at any given point were not even certain what was reality or not.”

Preparing Your Perspective by Jenny Erlingsson—”I soon realized that nothing could prepare us completely because every journey is different. But what I desperately needed, just like with my childbirth, was mental preparation.”

Untrained. Unqualified. Unconventional. by Stephanie Prater-Clarke—”It causes me to stand amazed at how God has one-upped every doubt that I’m not good enough, every fear that I’m not capable enough, and every hesitation that I am not readied enough.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

We are women who go.

We hop on airplanes, trains, buses, and motorcycles. We cross cultures and build bridges and make friends. We obey and trust and love deeply.

And we are women who return. 

When it is planned or unexpected. When leaving is joyful or we go kicking and screaming. We say goodbye and grieve and hope and resettle into something new.

If you are walking that journey called re-entry, what have been the experiences unique to you as a woman? How can we walk with women who are transitioning off the field?

We would love to hear your thoughts on being a woman who returns! Join us for the conversation this week as we wrap up our series on the unique aspects of being women in cross-cultural work and life.



  1. Phyllis August 29, 2021

    Your links from around the web are always good, but this week it’s like someone picked them all just for me. I’m sitting here, feeling so deeply ministered to. Thank you.

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