Have You Seen? {August 2nd, 2020}

Last Week’s Theme: Celebrate What He Has Done

No Parties, Please by Joy Smalley—”Jeremiah didn’t seem to have a problem with the duality. He could roll his lament straight into hopeful praise of God. The world could be a place filled to the brim with horrific suffering and God could also be faithful and good and the giver of hope.”

Release {Book Club} by Sarah Hilkemann—”Jesus is worthy of our sacrifices as we say goodbye to home and family and we reflect His glory when we sacrifice for one another. As a single, there will be challenges to loving and serving my teammates well but I can be a light to the culture around me as I do so. And my brothers and sisters are so valuable that these sacrifices are worth it.”

Starry Eyes and Grape-less Vines by Maria Mullet—”Revel in the goodness of Jesus. Delight in what He has given. COVID has not stolen everything from us; we can rejoice in what we do have. Savor the moments with those we love.”

Celebrating in the Happiest Place in the World by Nancy Mauger—”Praying for ways to bless others while we are all stuck at home has given me something to focus on outside of myself. As I plan and bake and wrap gifts many days ahead, I begin celebrating and anticipating the joy I will see on the faces of the recipients.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

Hey, friend!

Yes, you who just stumbled across our social media page or went hunting for a community that gets you. Yes, you who have been around this space for awhile, you who are new to the field and you who are now figuring out life back in your passport country.

You are welcome here. We love hearing your voice, reading your words, seeing the corner of the world that you call home.

This week we want to share with you our favorite things about this community. We want to give you the back story, share ways you can get involved that you might not know about yet. And we want to hear from you! Introduce yourself on social media and share your experiences in the comments of our blog posts this week! Use the hashtag #VelvetAshesWelcome!

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