Have You Seen {August 7, 2016}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Get Set

Death, Taxes and Moving Abroad (in 5 not-so-easy steps) by Karen Huber—”So, friend, here are a few not-so-easy – but necessary – things to do about before handing your passport and your future over to the flight crew.”

Time is Nothing to God {Book Club} by Amy Young—”As I read about the latter years for Lilias, I was struck by how daily we are. I would imagine that Lilias herself was daily. I’m wondering how to be less concerned with time which seems to lull me to focus on progress and more rooted in presence. Over and over in the Bible, God seems to want our presence and out of that flows the ‘progress.’”

When You Don’t Know Where This Path Leads by Jenilee Goodwin—”But to be honest, the whole “following the humble path far enough” was difficult for me. It wasn’t an obedience issue… I was ready to go! The truth was that for me, the path ahead was this nebulous, mysterious fog that had no timeline or instructions and it overwhelmed me to the core of my soul.”

The Vertex of Your Race {The Grove: Get Set} by Amy Young—” When it comes to running the race set before you, getting ready can take months, even years. Going can also involves years, but get set can be but a moment, so it is easy to overlook. Race day finally comes and as the time for the race draws near, you move up to start line and this is the moment to . . . ”

Instagram Highlight of the Week

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 4.20.22 PM

How many of us have wanted to curl up in our suitcases instead of pack them?! And how many of us have put off packing so we could spend time with friends? Our hearts are going out to @smj_and her transition with today’s repost from the great#velvetashesgetset series this week: 

This picture accurately depicts how I feel about packing up two years of my life on this side of the world. Maybe if I hide then my bags will magically pack themselves?! But what you don’t see?? I planned to spend all morning packing but then decided it was a better idea to have some friends over for one last Monday lunch. Because the packing will get done somehow and I’d rather look back and see that these last few days were spent with the people I love with all of my heart.
P.S. Vacuum sealed bags are a lifesaver when trying to pack and consolidate your clothes! There’s your packing/moving tip of the day. ?
#velvetashesgetset #packingcanwait#lastmondayadventureclub #cuethetears

From Around the Web

The Morphing of Community and Friendship: My progressive revelation of a vital and important spiritual reality.


My eyes, focused only on the darkness for awhile, are filling with glimpses of the light.

Embarrassing baggage.

The Balancing Act of MK Education.

Dealing with Conflict on the Field. Or not.

Finally, The Problem with Prayer Isn’t Convincing God to Show Up.

And Now for Next Week

The theme is . . .



We are all running the race set before us. After we hear Get Ready! Get Set! . . . finally the race gun is fired and it is Go!

If you’ve been on the field for a while, do you remember that moment when you first stepped off the plane and finally, finally were there?

If you’re getting ready to GO, you are planning for a certain race. Maybe you have made a four year commitment. Maybe two. Maybe your commitment is open ended. It is good to plan to run your race, but truly it is only God who knows how long this particular race will be. That is both reassuring and scary, isn’t it? Know that we are standing along the sidelines and are cheering you on as you hear the


of the start gun. And off you go.

Bring your thoughts, photos, art, and stories as we explore “Go” at The Grove beginning on Thursday at 6pm EST. Don’t forget that throughout the week you can tag Instagram pictures #velvetashesgo and you’ll be added to The Grove automatically. We will be waiting for you there.

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