Have You Seen? {August 9, 2015}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Quick announcement – This is for all of you writers AND for those who don’t feel bold enough to call yourself a writer (yet), you just know you’ve got stories burning in you. Here are our upcoming themes at Velvet Ashes. We’re inviting YOU to submit a piece for consideration.

Last Week’s Theme: Serving Single

Dreams on the Altar by Sarah Hilkemann — “What does it mean to bury a dream? What does it mean to walk up the mountain with the knife and the firewood like Abraham did, and put that dream on the altar of sacrifice? I don’t know if God will ever provide me a husband. He showed Himself to be Jehovah Jirah, God the provider, to Abraham, but what does that mean for me?”

The Plan for Guernsey and Potato Peel {Book Club} by Amy Young — “Since this book is about a book club, the books they read, and how the books formed them, let’s talk about the books we’ve read over the months. Which books have you enjoyed? What do you like about reading in community? What has stayed with you from our discussions or the books you read?”

Looking For the Blessing by Laura McLain — “Because just like serving as a married person, serving as a single is difficult. There are days filled with tears, and friendships don’t always come easily. Culture stress is a given, and confusion about how you fit as a part of your team and what your role looks like is highly likely. However, living overseas as a single brings with it advantages and blessings.”

Better or Worse? – The Single’s Version by Krista Besselman — “A single coworker once commented on the bizarre frequency with which “single” is used as an identifying characteristic for those serving abroad. It’s true. Did you even blink when I described her as a ‘single coworker?'”

The Absolute Value of Serving Single {The Grove: Serving Single} by Amy Young — “Circling back to the theme of this week, serving single, this is one for all of us. As much as we are rooted in relationships, teams, and communities, sometimes, it’s just |You and God|.”

Plus, here are some of the rich conversations we’ve had about singleness here at Velvet Ashes in the past:

Changing the Rules of the Game

More than a Penny for a Single Woman’s Thoughts

How to Make Your Table Holy Ground

Tales of a Single Woman

Are You on the Path to Life or Death of Your Heart?

From Around the Web

Here is an interview with a pastor who experienced depressed; he and his wife share signs of depression.

“Newsletters. Prayer updates. Itinerations. Reports. Furloughs. Presentations. Are you stressed out yet?” How to Communicate so People Will CareIn a related vein, A Cross-Cultural Worker Speaks about Social Media.

Colleen Mitchell is at (in)courage this week sharing about the loneliness we can experience on the field.

Ask a counselor: What about conflict? Helpful insights whether working with short, mid, or long-term folks.

Hello World! A fun (and I’ll use the word again, helpful) read about greetings in various cultures.

“Perhaps because even though India and I have had a love/hate relationship at times, I don’t want to lose her and what she’s taught me.  I don’t want us to forget India.” Looking for Home.

Here’s An Honest Conversation About Abortion that Asks Us to Not Turn Away from Anyone.  Ann Voskamp says it’s maybe the hardest post she’s ever scratched down.

Finally, one we’re all after: The elusive goal of traveling light.

And Now for Next Week

The Theme is…

marriage abroad

We are the middle of a three-week series highlighting, celebrating, and unpacking the states we find ourselves in as women servingsingle, married, and as moms.

We might be tempted to read only the posts that apply to our own situations.  But if we do, we’ll miss the richness of hearing the blessings and challenges of sisters who live a life different from our own.  Our community is strengthened as we grow in understanding of one another.  In other words, if you skipped last week, go back!

This week we’ll hear from wives who open their homes, giving us a peek inside to see where they’ve struggled and where they’ve triumphed in their marriages.

And don’t forget to join us at The Grove beginning on Thursday, 6 pm US EST to share your own stories and insights as we gather around the theme of Marriage Abroad.


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