Have You Seen? {December 13, 2015}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

19 Days!  

Nineteen days left in our Dream Big fun. Have you been praying about what God would you have to give? We know there are many who will wait until the last minute to give. But if God has moved in you to give, let’s not wait.  n waiting, it becomes easier to ignore (or forget) what God is stirred in us to do now.  Join our Dream Big fund. With your help, we are over halfway to our goal. Thank you!!

Last Week’s Theme: Seek

Whom Do You Seek? by Julie in Germany—”Christmas reveals to me that I am a seeker. There’s something about this season that unveils the longings of my soul like no other holiday. Perhaps that’s because I have been taught that Christmas is “the most wonderful time of the year.” I’ve been informed by holiday ditties that dreams come true and everything goes well at Christmastime. So, each year at Christmas I learn what my heart currently defines as “wonderful”—what I am seeking.”

A College Santa Clause {Book Club} by Amy Young—This month we are reading Christmas short stories and having the best time! We’d love for you to join.

When Seeking Means Waiting by Davita Freeman—”Currently I am in a season of waiting, of preparation. Being a doer, one who wants to check things off my lists, waiting is hard. I keep looking around wondering why, wondering when will I have a list to check off, when will things change.”

For the Good of Your Place {The Grove: Seek} by Kimberly Todd—”If I could have only one chunk of the Holy Scriptures, it would be The Songs of Ascent – that lilting, transcendent collection of fifteen Psalms. After years of returning to this slice again and again, it finally occurred to me to commit them to memory.”

From Around the Web

Lots of good stuff this week. Marriage. Music. Anxiety. Handel’s Messiah. Shame and culture. For teachers. Enjoy!

When You Pack Up Your Marriage and Take It Overseas

Two suggestions on music, both from within Velvet Ashes Ranks! MUSIC FOR THE CHRISTMAS SEASON and an original song: Christmas Is Wherever You Are – new release holiday single!


Some of us have this job of holding space for pain and suffering and darkness.  

5 Shameful Things Westerners Say.

Finally, What to say when your kid gets busted.

And Now for Next Week

The Theme is…


While many parts of the world are telling us to speed up, do more, screaming “ARE YOU READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS?” We want to collectively say, this is not good for our souls. This year we have planned themes that slow us down.

We want to be intentional and explored traditions.

We want to be active participants and explored seeking.

We want to be calm so this week will will explore pondering.

The very word slows us down, doesn’t it? It’s hard to try pondering in a frenzy. Just for fun, try it.

What are you pondering this season? Join us, a sisterhood who is trying to foster calmness for our souls.  Bring your own blog post link ups to The Grove starting Thursday at 6pm EST. We look forward to hearing how this theme forms and informs your week.


  1. Michele Womble December 13, 2015

    Thank you for mentioning my new Christmas song on “Have You Seen” in the Around the Web Section – I feel so honored! 🙂

    Most of the people on Velvet Ashes either are currently far from loved ones for Christmas, or have at some time been far from loved ones for Christmas – for the sake of the cross.

    Christmas Is Wherever You Are  is for all of you (us).

    1. Amy Young December 14, 2015

      I’m delighted it was mentioned too! I hope lots and lots of people listen to it :).

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