Have You Seen? {December 18, 2016}

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

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Last Week’s Theme: Gift

The Dirty Work of Christmas by Danielle Krouch—”Tears gathered with the sweat that had accumulated from our hot and dusty moto ride across town to the Pizza Company. It was Christmas Day—my first in Cambodia. And I was not happy. My husband sat next to me as we waited for a table to open up. ‘This is one of those culture shock moments, right?’ he said.  My, what made you think a thing like that? Of course it is!”

A Christmas Wreck {Book Club} by Amy Young—”he juxtaposition of the food and Christmas time made me think of the life of cross-cultural service. Certain times of the year it is easier to bear being separated from something (in this case food) or people. Being Christmas time, it just seemed maddening to be sitting on top of all that perfectly safe food  . . . and yet not be able to get to it.”

The Gift that Dwells in Me by Beth Gregory—”The true gift of Christmas comes not because of where or in spite of where we are physically located. It comes when we sit at the foot of the manger and worship the Babe inside it. How that plays itself out is, in part, up to us as individuals. It might mean taking an hour-long ride on a cramped and swerving bus to the nearest coffee shop, somewhere it “feels like” Christmas, where you can find space and time to spend with the Savior. It might come through relationships with friends who are just getting their first glimmer of the Christ Child.”

Heart to Heart Gift {The Grove: Gift} by Patty Stallings—”We asked some of our VA community to share how different aspects of Velvet Ashes have been a gift to them, and we hope you will add your own contribution in the comments. May you be encouraged in the kinship of women who are knit together in this life and meet heart-to-heart at Velvet Ashes.”

Instagram Highlight for #VelvetAshesGift

It’s been so beautiful to see all the images for this week’s tag and the different gifts that we are blessed with. This week we share @beneaththesouthernclouds image.

Morning sunshine streaming in = Gift! ? Warm bed and roof over my head = Gift! ? Moments like these with my children = Gift! ? His compassion that never fails ~ His mercy New e v e r y morning ~ His favor and faithfulness = Gift! ? “For from His fullness we have all received, grace {gift} upon grace {gift}. John1:16

Sometimes the biggest gift is the small things in life that are so easily taken for granted.

Check out all the pictures for #VelvetAshesgift.

From Around the Web

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Sally Lloyd-Jones – Part IV of my series on third culture children’s authors.

Moving abroad will fix all of your issues . . . and other lies.

Finally, Breastfeeding and the Liturgy of the Hours.

And Now for Next Week

The theme is . . .

The Message paraphrases John 1:14 as saying Jesus moved into the neighborhood.


That’s what love does, it moves us. It moves us to care about people and places. It moves us to see the world from a different perspective than before. It moves us into neighborhoods we didn’t even know exists.

Love also moves us away from people and places and causes.

Love is not a straight line. Love is not always rational. Love does not guarantee an outcome.

Love, however, promises we will be moved.

This week let’s talk in the post comments about how “Love” has moved you.

At The Grove this week, we’re going to celebrate by sharing pictures of our Christmases all over the world! This week share your Christmas love on Instagram and use #VelvetAshesChristmas (Check out ALL the great pictures from last year!).  Your image will appear at the Grove as we celebrate Love’s greatest gift from all corners of the globe.


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