Have You Seen? {December 1st, 2019}

Last Week’s Theme: Pieces of Home

Cultivated Memories from Around the Globe by Jenilee Goodwin—”I only brought a few select Christmas things with us when we moved overseas. Slowly, over the years, I’ve replaced, remade and recreated the things we remember from home. The items that we have now carry old memories of past Christmas crafts or traditions with the new memories being made on a new continent.”

A Meal Shared, An Open Invitation {Book Club} by Rachel Kahindi—”It’s amazing what happens when you sit around a table together. People who have barely said anything more than a greeting to each other find themselves engaged in deep, connecting conversations. My introvert heart has no space for endless small talk, but longs for this kind of thing.”

Ornaments of the Heart by Monica F—”When I moved overseas from the United States twenty years ago, I was excited to put old holiday rituals behind me, and start new traditions in Kenya with my husband. Instead, when I woke up that first Christmas morning, I found myself missing everyone and a lot of things from home.”

The Heirloom Shoebox and Other Things in Checked Baggage by Karen Huber—”This little shoebox was with us from the beginning. From that first Christmas as a young married couple huddled under blizzard conditions in Chicago, the shoebox held my holiday history: a little wreath with my name etched on it. Candy cane ornaments from my aunt. A very wee sled. A tarnished golden girl twirling with blue yarn.”

A Hallmark Christmas {The Grove: Pieces of Home} by Denise Beck—”The Christmases in Africa that followed the perfect Christmas were very different. Smells of cinnamon and memories of toes wiggling to get warm by the fireplace were replaced with unfamiliar customs. There were no shops decked out to get you in the holiday mood in October. Vaguely familiar Christmas songs with unfamiliar words were our soundtracks.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

Photo by Siarhei Plashchynski on Unsplash

We are so, so thankful for the moms, daughters, grandmas and sisters (and dads and brothers and grandpas, too) who cheer us on from home. They encourage, send care packages across countries and oceans, email pictures of snow when we are missing different seasons. They stand on the other side of security waving goodbye over and over, celebrate holidays without us, find ways to stay connected through video chats and letters and social media.

We want to hear their side of the story this week, because we know that holidays can be hard when we are separated. The posts this week are called Letters from Home, and we hope you will pause and reflect on what the women and men in your life would write to you if they could.

Will you take some time to thank them? Thank the moms and mother-in-laws and sisters who open up their hearts this week through the blog posts, but thank those people in your life who also sacrifice just as you do to see the Kingdom grow around the world.

Share your words of gratefulness and other thoughts on Instagram this week with the hashtag #VelvetAshesLettersFromHome!

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