Have You Seen? {December 5th, 2021}

Submission Opening: Sometimes the week leading up to Christmas can be hectic and noisy. We want to quiet our hearts and our feeds just a bit as we prepare to celebrate Christ’s birth wherever we are in the world. Do you have a special nativity set from one of the countries you have lived in? We would love to share an image of your nativity set, along with your reflections. Check out our Submissions page for more information.

Last Week’s Theme: Not My Own

There’s Enough by Sarah Hilkemann—”But an abundance mindset means there’s room to accept critique and keep growing and learning, while celebrating the beauty of others and the art that overflows from their hearts. There’s space for a ministry idea that feels too close to mine.”

Not My Own by Denise Beck—”As I glanced down at the check and back into her eyes, she shared with me that her mother had passed away and she wanted to give some of her inheritance to us. What she viewed as something that didn’t belong to her was exactly what we needed.”

Generous Hearts by Megan Ingvoldstad—”I am drawn to examine those words more carefully, convicted to look deeper at my own life. Have I led a generous life so that others have not lacked? Have I strived to be of one heart and mind with others around me in order to impact lives? What do I do when God does not seem to be meeting my needs?”

Community Goes Both Ways by Karli von Herbulis—”As I pray through what my home looks like now, and how best to position my heart towards the people in my life, I am immediately convicted of my self-preservation and lack of abandon when it comes to loving well the Rwandans placed in front of me.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

“The world is not as it should be. Not yet. We wait in the shadows for God’s full redemption and perfect light that is promised.” 

Tsh Oxenreider, Shadow and Light

Sometimes Advent feels like one long stretch of holding our breath. Waiting to finally experience quiet after activities and rushing and fitting in all the things. Waiting to get past the reminders of family we are missing, the ache of loneliness, the empty chair at the table. Waiting for peace.

What are you learning about waiting right now? What aspects of Advent or the practice of it fill your heart with hope?


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