Have You Seen? {December 6th, 2020}

Last Week’s Theme: Expectation

Expect Nothing, Hope Everything by Joy Smalley—”How does one go from expecting the worst from God to expecting reward from God? This is the journey I am on and it is a fluctuating one.”

And This Is Why We Velvet Ash by Denise Beck—”No matter what language we speak, the warmth that spreads from our chest when we can give of ourselves to meet a need for those we love or care deeply about is universal, and placed there by our creator.”

Leaning Into Expectant Hope by Maria Mullet—”Here’s the thing about expectations: frequently, they lead to disappointment, when the reality of our post-Genesis 3 world collides with the hope in our eternal souls.”

A Response to Longing by Denise Beck—”Don’t walk away from the expectation for things to be restored. Let your heart speed up as you dream of the day when the whole world is overshadowed by his power.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

And just like that, our hearts fill to the brim with worry, busyness, frustration, distraction. This is why the carols remind us to prepare room for Jesus.

This is the invitation of Advent, the days and weeks leading us to Christmas. Our hearts need this intentional opportunity to slow and savor and work out all the things that crowd out the joy the Father longs to give.

What are you doing to prepare Him room?

Share your thoughts with us this week using the hashtag #VelvetAshesAdvent or #VelvetAshesPreparation! Join us in the comments on social media or the blog posts as we spur each other on this season.

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