Have You Seen? {February 1, 2015}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

This Week: Velvet Ashes Live in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Will you be anywhere near Chiang Mai on Feb 5th? Then you have to come for an incredible evening with us. Velvet Ashes will be live and in person! Join us at the Centara Duantawang Hotel 6:30pm.  R.S.V.P. here.

Last Week’s Theme: Help

Three Cheers for Helpers by M’Lynn Taylor — “In the absence of help from family, the kid-hauling, weather-shielding capability of a mini-van, the laundry conquering powers of a clothes dryer, the time-saving amazement of a dishwasher, the convenience of well-stocked super mart and the practicality of life in my own country and culture, I am so thankful to have the help of a [helper].”

What’s A Reasonable Amount Of Sacrifice? {Book Club} by Amy Young — “Kay, understandably wrote the discussion questions with an eye towards how family transitions, conflict, and pornography impact marriages and the people in them. This is the beauty of a story like Kay’s, we can all connect to it at times whether it’s our story or not. Maybe the conflict you’ve experienced wasn’t in your marriage but with a teammate. Or …”

Six Women and Skype by Laura — “Although some of our countries of service overlapped, none of us were close enough to help each other in person, but all of us believed in the power of prayer. As I looked at my Facebook notifications one morning, I saw …”

Listen to Their Heart by Jessica Hoover– “The main thing I learned from our time and efforts was what I perceived as helping and what those I was trying to love and help experienced were often two completely different things. It taught me to slow down when I encounter an issue and truly listen.”

My Manifesto for Member Care {The Grove: Help} by Amy Young — “Ideally member care advocates for all members at all times, but the reality is that certain times are given more attention. The two areas I have seen become the default attentions grabbers are when people transition to the field and at times of crisis. We can do better and this is My Manifesto for Member Care.”

From Around the Web

11 Ways Running is Like Learning a Foreign Language by Rachel Pieh Jones — “6. They are never done. I can cross off a run for the day but I am never done being a runner. It is who I am now. I will never be fluent in Somali. I am now a Somali-language-learner.”

The Little Word That Frees Us by Elizabeth Trotter — “But we need to do something first: we need to give ourselves permission to be honest. Before moving on to the lies PKs tend to believe, Timothy Sanford gives us permission to say the little word ‘and.’ Saying ‘and’ enables us to tell the rest of our story; it enables us to tell all our story.”

Ask A Counselor: How in the world can we do self-care when . . . ? by Kay Bruner — “When it comes to taking the actual steps necessary to care for ourselves well, roadblocks mysteriously emerge.  I find this is especially true in M communities. Right where good self-care is most necessary, there are enormous roadblocks to its actual implementation.”

Bloom by Joanna Swart — “We’re in a new place. I’m just getting my toes in the dirt. We’ve made the choice to be here. Yeah, there has been some uprooting. But here we are: going through the details, the work, of starting something new. Of growing. I don’t know a thing about blooming, about shining, about doing well or succeeding. I don’t know what any of that looks like, yet. I don’t know if I ever will. That’s okay. I’m willing to be underground awhile.”

10 Ways to Lose Great Staff by Jay Mitchell — “1. Don’t give them a voice in strategic direction. Talented people don’t need to have the final say on the direction of ministry, but they do need to be heard and have their ideas taken seriously. If you want to lose a great staff member, marginalize their opportunity to speak into your vision and direction.”

And Now for Next Week

The Theme is…


A “thriving” life may not make the plot of a trendy resurging nineteenth century novel or Downton Abbey, unless it’s as the supporting character that the main ones love to hate. (Come over on Tuesday for the kickoff of our next book club novel!)

It’s a bit of a trendy word itself, this “thrive.” It’s been the honored term to rename a well-known org. A movie, a song, a self-help movement. I’ve even seen the word dangle on a billboard wrapped around some flourishing green vine.

What does it mean to thrive?

In tomorrow’s post Melissa Toews conducts an interview with Jane Anne Gibbs, long-time cross-cultural worker in West Africa, about raising TCKs to thrive in both home and host cultures.

Or I could just quote you Wednesday’s post from Lauren Pinkston. Don’t miss it. “Sister, you were called to shine.”

From Katie Morris on Thursday we’ll hear that it’s a spirit of gratitude that allows us to flourish day by day.

Finally, I (Kim) am stoked to host my first Grove on Friday. Join us this week as we explore “thrive.” Meet us at The Grove beginning Thursday 6pm EST, and bring your thoughts, your art, your blog link-ups.

Photo Credit : GratisographyUnsplash

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