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Last Week’s Theme: Parents 

The Mystery Box and Resurfaced Wisdom by M’lynn Taylor—”So many times, I’ve headed into my kitchen or closet in search of something only to realize I intentionally left it on the other side of the ocean. My hiking boots were one of those things. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve gone in search of them in my closet and came up empty handed, only to realize I left them in China. During the final cut, I simply couldn’t make room without adding an extra bag. I ended up handing them to my good friend and asked her to see if one day she could possibly get them across the ocean for me, but I seriously doubted I’d ever see them again.”

Not Really One Thing Or the Other {Book Club} by Rachel Kahindi—”My high school best friend always had a stack of teen magazines. She would pick up Bop, Seventeen, YM, or Teen People at the Wal-Mart checkout, choosing according to who was running a cover story on N*SYNC. After flipping through to pull out posters of celebrities, we set out to find any and all quizzes in the magazine. Which Spice Girl are you? I didn’t listen to the Spice Girls, but I definitely had to know where I fit in with them. Of course nowadays, those quizzes are online. Whether via paper or BuzzFeed, the quizzes fill the same craving in us: to know that we fit somewhere, somehow because there is someone like us who is fitting in.”

Dealing With Guilt From Afar by Joyce Stauffer—”Working among dementia sufferers this past year, I have seen my mother reflected in the residents’ words and behavior. I remembered my mom chatting away with nonsensical grammar and words and even some Pennsylvania Dutch words that left the listener confused and a bit amused. And yet she could sing old hymns verbatim from memory. She also could get angry and frustrated, striking out at staff and residents. She also the habit of stuffing all kinds of items in her pockets or down her pants which made for some interesting stories for nurses to share among themselves.”

Loving Our Kids Through Transition by Lilly—”Walking with our kids through transition and homesickness has been very difficult for this mama’s heart. At the beginning especially, I used to carry the weight of the fact that they had not chosen this life and yet were having to live with the consequences. Even though my oldest was so young when we first moved, she really struggled with leaving our community in the States, especially that first year. It came up over and over again. All she wanted was to go back to the States. She couldn’t understand why we’d left.”

The Faithful Who Stay {The Grove: Parents}by Kelly Delp—”I was surprised to find that God didn’t just have to move on my heart for this calling – he had to move on the hearts of my parents as well. My dad got ‘notice’ from God when I was a child that this would be our reality. My mom heard from Him in a cathedral on a hilltop. But He called them just like He called me. He didn’t leave them without a word, without a promise. It’s easy to pray God’s will over your kids, but when that involves sobbing goodbyes and powerlessness to come at the first sign of heartache – it takes more than a simple prayer. It takes calling. It takes surrender and faith and radical obedience.”

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Pride Uncovered

Finally, I’m glad we told him {don’t wait!}

And Now for Next Week

The theme is….

“Are your kids going overseas with you?”

Friends and teammates have been asked this question as they prepared to move to another country or across an ocean. It seems silly, doesn’t it? Of course they are.

Our children learn how to navigate airport security, haul their carry-ons and say goodbye. They make friends and try new foods, talk to grandparents over video chat and work through transition.

We love our TCKs and this week we are going to hear from them! We have some great posts lined up for you this week and we hope you will invite your own kiddos to be part of the discussion. Don’t forget to join in the fun over on Instagram this week with the hashtag #VelvetAshesChildren!

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