Have You Seen? {February 14, 2016}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Hesed

When We Fear by Leslie Verner—”Hesed is the ‘yet’ in the middle of our fear. Hesed is God’s steadfast, loyal, unfailing, unconditional, merciful love. It is an anchor love that roots us solidly within the storm. It is following our headlights straight into the darkness and trusting them to lead us as we drive on. It is the love of Jesus who, like a small child playing hide-and-seek, jumps out of hiding the second we begin to seek Him, crying, ‘Here I am! Find me!'”

Blueberry Cake and a Kitten {Book Club} by Amy Young—”In chapter 12 I marked when Kit said, “This is the way I used to feel in Barbados.” I so appreciated the honest conversation Kit was able to have with Nat when he asked if she regretted coming and she said sometimes yes and sometimes no. Again, I think we can understand the rich depths to Kit’s feelings.”

Experiencing a Faith Crisis On the Field {an interview} Amy Young and Caitlin—”I knew that her story could be a beacon of hope for a subject that is almost impossible to talk about when you’re in the midst of it: being in ministry and having a crisis of faith. Caitlin did not hesitate to share her story. If you’re having a crisis of faith, may God use this.”

A Love Beyond Compare by Renee Aupperlee—”Scholars all seem to agree that there is no English equivalent for this Hebrew word. Translators use phrases like ‘loyal love,’ ‘loving kindness,’ ‘steadfast mercy,’ or ‘undeserved love’ in their attempt to capture the heart of hesed. It has become one of my favorite words in the Bible. It’s used 241 times in the Old Testament. I think God wants us to hear loud and clear: My child, see my heart and let it fill you with joy. I am the God who loves you with HESED love.”

On Ostriches and Storks {The Grove: Hesed} by Kimberly Todd—”These consistent habits could look sleek to the untrained eye, but do you know what a tension addict does with the space she creates with good habits? She . . .”

From Around the Web

Related to Valentines (which is for everyone) and love:

Valentines Day, the Church and Single Awareness Day?

The Cultivate Love Challenge: 50+ Ideas and Resources to Help Your Family Grow in Love —in full disclosure we were sent a copy of the guide and I (Amy) was so impressed with it I told the author, Joanna, she shouldn’t be giving it away for free because her time in creating such a quality resource is worth something. It’s still free, but I explained to her about how to sell it on gumroad.com, so who knows how much longer it will be free :). Good for families and teams.

Related to Lent (which is also for everyone)

—The #30SecondBible series features dozens of voices reflecting on the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation, you will hear summaries of each book and reflections on the good news they contain.

Ascent {an invitation for Lent} and the first post: Ascent: Psalm 120

Related to our line of work

Dear Single M and THRIVING SINGLE: Five Healthy Practices for Single M 

10 Things M’s Wished Their Churches Knew

How to Discover Your Calling

Finally, for a little humor, here’s a short video on how to be a Christian Instagram Girl

And Now for Next Week

The Theme is…

mens week

It’s back! About 18 months ago we had a week devoted to What Men Wish We Knew and invited four men to share. It was a rich and holy week. Sadly, too often, different segments of life talk about each other instead of talking to each other.

This week, our theme is Men’s Week and we have another rich week in store. We contacted four men and asked them to write to you mamas, you singles, you marrieds, and then we’ll end the week all together.

We know there are men who faithfully read Velvet Ashes (Hi! We love having you here), and this week at the Grove will be the first time we are hoping to create a space for all us us to be able to comment. Men, if you want to add a link or a comment, we would love that. You’re also welcome to comment any time you want!

So come with your thoughts and link ups on “Men’s Week.” We learned this past week that you can link up using Instagram! Play about with it this week and see what pictures you come up with that make you think of Men or Men’s week or how much we need each other. Isn’t that cool?! Use #mensweek.  The Grove begins Thurs 6pm EST.


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