Have You Seen? {February 7, 2016}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: 

Becoming a Tent Dweller by M’Lynn Taylor—”What’s competing with your calling? Do you think about moving here or there, but you’re too tied up with material things? This applies to the initial big GO overseas, moving around once you’re there and the inevitable return. Until just recently, I would have said . . .”

Don’t You Know Anything? {Book Club} by Amy Young—We are reading The Witch of Blackbird Pond and have had the best discussion about how we can relate to Kit. Come join in the comments.

Competition: One-Upped! by Julie Breuninger—”That summer at the annual conference where all the M’s gathered for a week, I met a veteran M who knew my family well.  She asked what we were doing and I responded that we were teaching at the MK school (we were still MKs as the term TCK was not yet in vogue). I will never forget her response to me: ‘Oh well then, you aren’t real M’s since you are just teaching at the school.’  I was speechless and I’ll admit that my pride was a bit wounded.”

Iron Sharpening Iron by Laura McLain—”The question we must ask ourselves is what side of competition do we focus on? What side of competition do we demonstrate within our families, our team, our organization? Is competing us versus them, or is it iron sharpening iron?”

Holy Competition {The Grove: Competition} by Amy Young—”You know we can turn anything into a competition on the field. Language ability, parenting, time spent with local friends, how we handle our finances, quality of marriage, number of converts, length of service, how little or much sleep we get. Sigh. We need Jesus, don’t we?! Thankfully he came to set captives free and one day we won’t be held captive by our faulty relationship with competition.”

From Around the Web

What Every M Needs to Know about Re-Entry.

Today I had to buy bigger jeans. SIZE UP.

On the Receiving End of a Crisis Debriefing.

Ask a Counselor: recognizing and managing anxiety.

“On Thursday last week I was called a whore and prostitute approximately twenty-five times. In one day, two separate situations.” This Is My Body. Thou Shalt Not Break It.

Mary DeMuth has started a new pod-cast called “Restory” and she interviews people God has re-stored part of their story. Her first interview is with a cross-cultural worker who had a medical crisis with her new born. I just want to warn you in case that’s a trigger for you. God does restory Bethany and her husband.

Finally, ff you’re looking for some Lent reading: Ascent {an invitation for Lent}.

And Now for Next Week

The Theme is…


Hesed (also Chesed) is a robust Hebrew word. It’s often rendered in English as loving-kindness, but it takes many more words to edge near the mystery that it uncovers.

I first learned the word from Michael Card. He interprets it in a full sentence: When the person from whom I have the right to expect nothing gives me everything.

It is used liberally in the Old Testament, especially the Torah, for the covenantal love of God. Because Jesus was steeped in Torah, hesed is a major theme not only in His teachings, but also underpins all of His acts of mercy.

Cracking into this juicy word is like sitting in a workshop or a cooking class knowing that you’re going to learn something good if you pay attention and trust the process. That’s what we’re aiming at next week. Will you join us?

When did you first encounter the word hesed? How has it helped you know God? What questions does it raise? Do you have an experience of hesed to share? Bring your link-ups to The Grove beginning on Thursday at 6:00pm EST.

What do you think?

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