Have You Seen? {February 8, 2015}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Thrive

 Ask a Mentor: Practical Advice in Thriving as a Mother Overseas by Melissa Toews — “When they were in 10th and 8th grade, we sent our two older children back to live with my mom and go to school in the States. That was a very difficult time for them…After a few months, we ended up coming home and helping our oldest daughter work through treatment for depression and an eating disorder. Our dream was put on hold for eight years while we focused on our children.”

The Plan for “The Pastor’s Wife” {Book Club} by Amy Young — “Turns out Elizabeth Von Arnim is trendy now. I bet some of the cooler members of our club knew this, but, well, I’m known for being about five years (or more!) off of the cutting edge. Alright, one article called it a “discreet resurgence.’ which might be more our pace. Still, it’s been fun to poke around the internet and see how Downton Abbey is bringing about this resurgence.”

On the Expectation to Live Modestly by Lauren Pinkston — “When you guys move overseas, there will be plenty of things to sacrifice, [friends] told me. You’ll be leaving family, friends, and lots of nice things behind. But you won’t stop being American. It’s okay to make your house a home and a place you actually want to return to each day. Nobody is asking you to give up EVERYTHING just for the sake of being pitiful.”

The Art of Magnifying Him with Thanksgiving by Katie Morris — “I know in my own life, contentment always seems to be the most fleeting, but I’ve learned that discontentment is a direct connection and reflection of the state of my heart. It’s a perfect indicator of whether my heart is in a genuine spirit of thankfulness, or being overtaken in thanklessness.”

5 Essentials to Thrive {The Grove: Thrive} — “We are free to adjust our lifestyles and even change our minds according to our experiences and limitations. What is thriving in one season may be dead branches in another. Saw ‘em off, burn into ashes, and spread on the roots to nourish new growth.”

From Around the Web

Welcome to TCK Mom: a new website hosted by Melissa Toews — “TCKmom is a connecting place for women living overseas. Our goal is to share experiences and advice to help each other in the practical challenges of expat life. Need to know how to cook cassava? Ask your fellow expats here! Need advice on how to start homeschooling with no resources? Search our archives for ideas and suggestions. Need to clean mold off your books . . . or prepare your kids for home-leave . . . or just want to vent a little about your awful week?TCKmom is the community for you!”

 She Reads Truth — Need a free daily devotional? You can check out their website, their iPhone appor Android appLast week’s reading plan was about hymns and this week’s is about Esther.

How to Give Yourself Grace: Advice to someone returning from a long journey by Marilyn Gardner — “Give yourself some grace! But I have no idea what that means…What does it look like to give myself grace?  I’ve spent some time stewing on this…Here’s what I think it means to Give Yourself Grace.”

Comparing my beginning with someone else’s middle by K. W. Freeman — “Naively, I felt like if we just got the website up then we’d be flooded with business because I LOVE our creations, what we stand for and want others to love it as well. I had sort of a ‘If you build it they will come’ type of mentality. Uncharacteristically positive Kim showed up and set her expectations high. All the while my husband, the realist in this case, warned me that we are new, people will need to touch and see and experience the products themselves before they buy. And that businesses take time to get established and blah, blah, blah…”

And Now for Next Week

The Theme is…


There are certain moments seared into memory when it comes to language learning, aren’t there? Growing up, meat was packaged and labeled so I (Amy) hadn’t paid much attention to how pork looked different from beef. I never pictured the day I’d be so desperate to know if the meat at the open meat market was beef or pork that I’d point to it and moo and then oink.

{I shiver telling you this. Oh my word. I was already so much larger than everyone and now I was making American farm animal noises for grown men.}

Pre-field my dear introverted teammate probably never pictured the day she’d stand near a teammate in public while they made animal noises.

Oh language we love you and need you and respect you!

Do you ever think of the tower of Babel and wonder what it might be like not to need to learn another language to communicate? Me too. But do you also marvel at how no one language can hold all that God is and the more you learn, the more you see? Me too.

This week’s theme is language and we’ve got some treats in store for you. Here’s one hint: Kay Bruner joins us again! Yippee. So enjoy the week and we’ll see you at The Grove beginning Thursday 6pm EST, where you can bring your thoughts, your art, your blog link-ups.

Photo Credit : GratisographyUnsplash

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