Have You Seen? {February 9th, 2020}

Last Week’s Theme: Exodus

Living an Exodus Life by Jenilee Goodwin—”If I sit and think about the exodus from beginning to end, from the birth of Moses to the first foot set in the promised land, I’m overwhelmed. There is so much pain, disobedience, attitude, struggle and death. Yet, spread throughout the story, we see God’s presence, guidance, healing and provision. We see God’s love, forgiveness and mercy on full display.”

Gandhi, Francis of Assisi, Jesus and Muslims {Book Club} by Rachel Kahindi—”If we haven’t yet stepped into the lives of those we mean to help, we are prone to overlook the real problems and insist on inappropriate solutions. Annalena lived with the poor in order to help in the way they needed. And yet, she struggled, believing that she kept too much for herself, saying that if they had to keep so much, ‘it would have been better to stay at home. We must do everything to give everything, to love all, serve all’.” 

When Wandering by Beth Barthelemy—”Not unlike many of you, I’m guessing, I thrive with a plan and purpose for my days. Filling out my planner is a life-giving exercise, one that I take great joy in doing, with all my multicolored markers. At the moment, January and February sit nearly empty, and I fight off the unsettledness daily.”

Displacement by Rachel Pieh Jones —”For many refugees, like for Moses and the Israelites in the Exodus, there is hope of a Promised Land. Hope of a better life, a future, a refuge, belonging, safety. But for all, before the Promised Land is reached, there is a journey that involves loss and pain and fear and anger.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

Burnout: a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands.

We wish we didn’t have to go down this road, but we also know the reality is that many of you are currently dealing with burnout, you’ve found healing after burnout, or you feel like you might be right on the edge.

Kingdom work is hard. It takes a toll on our bodies, our souls, our families.

But Jesus is our hope.

And so we live with this tension. We want to talk about the hard things and the reasons why you might have to leave the place you are serving. But we come back to the foundation of who we are in Him and how His love compels us.

We want to sit with you, right where you are this week. We want to speak truth—both the truth about how hard it can be when burnout comes to find you, and the truth that we have a Father who restores and heals and come to us in our brokenness.

In the blog posts this week, you will find honest, real stories from women who understand. You are welcome to share your own stories, whether that’s in the comments, or on Instagram or other places on social media with the hashtag #VelvetAshesBurnout. But we also know you might need to sit quietly and let hope be sparked again in your heart. That’s okay too.

What do you think?

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