Have You Seen {January 11, 2015}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Velvet Ashes Live in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Will you be anywhere near Chiang Mai on Feb 5th? {Note the date change}  Then you have to come for an incredible evening with us.  Velvet Ashes will be live and in person!  Join us at the Centara Duantawang Hotel 6:30pm.  R.S.V.P. here.

Last Week’s Theme: Prayer

 Making Prayers out of Beads by Kimberly Todd — “A line of one of my favorite prayers says, ‘Wing me through earthly forms to Thy immediate Presence.’ Prayer beads are a tool. Handling them, I bring my body to prayer. Moving from bead to bead, I engage my mind. Slowing, listening, practicing, I encounter God, spirit to Spirit.”

The Plan for “As Soon As I Fell” {Book Club} by Amy Young — “When Kay Bruner and her husband, Andy, took their young family to live on an island in the South Pacific, she found the purposeful, adventurous life she’d hoped for—along with isolated living, dangerous sea travel, tropical illnesses, and a floundering marriage. As they worked on a Bible translation project with a local language group, Kay sank into burnout and depression while Andy medicated his stress with a pornography addiction.” From the description on Amazon

The Battle of Rest by Sarah Crickenberger — “It was a painful trial, and we still have a long road ahead of picking him back up, but I learned something important in the midst of that crisis. Our greatest weapon is often rest.”

How Can We Pray For You? by the Velvet Ashes Team — “In a week where we are intentionally looking at prayer we don’t want to just talk about prayer, we want to pray together! In the comments please share requests and areas we can rejoice with you.”

From Around the Web

Preparing for Furlough: 6 Months Before Departure by Denise James — “So today starts a new series “Preparing for Furlough.”  We are going to blog in real time as our families are checking off our to-do lists in preparation for the jump across the pond.   We are 6 months out (give or take a week) so here is the first installment.” Seven things to do six months out.

When you’ve got nothing cool to write… by Ruthie — “I know it’s natural when you are raising support or involved in ministry to be more pro-active about sharing what’s happening, but I also wondered if sometimes it can feel like we have nothing “cool” to write for the alumni newsletter.”

Check out the useful resources at Rocky Re-entryFor those transitioning out of full time ministry, when they move back to their ‘home’ country.

My Hope For You in 2015 by Rachel Pieh Jones — “I do hope the road rises to meet you and that you find joy in every relationship and peace on all sides but I’m sorry, I also have other, deeper hopes. I want so much more than smiles and ease and comfort for you, and for me.”

Practice Celebration :: One Word 2015 by Amy Young — “The grief I experienced when my dad died was enfolded into a season of about three or four years of grief over loss that preceded and resulted in needing to leave China, my job, all my in-person friends, the Beijing subway, my home, good Chinese cooking cheap, my gym, the local park I loved to wander, and my specific China calling. Truth be told, by the time my dad died, I was worn out from grieving.”

Get Involved

Do you have the spiritual gift of social media?  (That’s biblical, right?) We’re currently looking for a few people to help fill in for Velvet Ashes’ social media team in the coming weeks.  If you’re interested, contact us at info(at)velvetashes(dot)com.

And Now for Next Week

The Theme is…



We arrive on the field longing to find it.

We unpack our bags, figure out where to buy peanut butter, toilet paper, the necessities. Then we’re ready.  We’re ready to find our niche.

That deep sense that says “this is what you were made for.”

That fulfillment when your unique giftings are meeting needs.

That confirmation that yes, leaving your homeland and loved ones is worth it.

This week we’ll be talking about what it means to find your niche.  What does that mean for each of us in our different stages of life and time overseas?  When do you get that sweet sense of fulfillment?  What gets in the way of that?

Join us this week as we explore “niche.”  Meet us at The Grove beginning Thursday 6pm EST, and bring your thoughts, your art, your blog link-ups.

And don’t forget we start our new book As Soon As I Fell at book club on Tuesday.  It’s an amazing book and easy to read, so don’t miss out!

Photo Credit : GratisographyUnsplash

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