Have You Seen? {January 14, 2018}

Have You Seen Reorient

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Reorient

Not Just a Postlude by Danielle Krouch—”One of the biggest challenges for me upon moving back to small-town USA was my life lost a sense of adventure. For over a decade, my experiences had been shaped by an array of cultural sights and sounds. We were nomads, able to travel frequently to other countries and our daily lives had bright snapshots of the crazy, beautiful world we lived in.”

The Story Hidden Within a Story {Book Club} by Amy Young—”Though we have only read the first fifteen chapters this week, this summary has set up the plot well. The writing is beautiful and worthy of winning an award. As Sal is telling the story, I get a strong sense of her voice and the way she is trying to make sense of her world.”

Seeking Orientation in Transition by M’Lynn Taylor—”There’s no longer a built-in afternoon quiet time (aka toddler naptime) in this season of my life. I’m not looking for everything to be the same (I was a young, SAHM in a foreign country, and life will probably never look like that again), but I’m still searching for my new normal. Life is happening at a fast pace with much tighter margins than I’m used to. I’m disoriented, but transition is no free pass to stay there.”

Rising Anew by Elizabeth Forshee—”The time to leave China arrived. As a person of imagery, the only picture in my spirit was darkness; a girl standing on a path unlit and shadowed. Where did the light unto my path go? Where do I go? I thought I’d be in China for years to come, but God’s holy flame that guided my calling and life began to move. Like the Israelites who followed the cloud by day and fire by night, I, too, go where my Father leads.”

The Everything and Nothing of Change {The Grove: Reorientation} by Amy Young—”It was not wasted time by any stretch of the imagination. Not at all. We needed that in-between time to reform our identities. We needed it to plant seeds that could only grow on foreign soil. We needed the new vocabulary and ways of thinking that were being poured into us. Orientation—be it through an organization or not—is necessary.”

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Need a book recommendation? The Uninvited Companion: God’s Shaping Us in His Love Through Life’s Adversities by Scott Shaum

And Now for Next Week

The theme is ….

What renews you? When you are weary, what breathes life into your bones and spark back in your eyes?

What helps you daily, weekly, seasonally or annually to find renewal?

Does renewal look different for you in your host country than in your home country?

What renewing things have you found where you are? What things do you miss from your home country or your host country if you’ve returned?

What is God speaking into you about renewal?

Join us in the comments this week for some renewing conversation, and share with us on Instagram with #VelvetAshesRenew

Pssst, don’t miss The Grove this week! We’re bursting with anticipation to unveil the theme and dates for this year’s Velvet Ashes Retreat!!


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