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Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

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Last Week’s Theme: Renew

Renewal Times Two + Raven’s Microwave Mug Brownie by Ashley Felder—”Renew has two definitions. One is to resume (an activity) after an interruption. I also think of renewing a subscription or library book (oh how I can’t wait to return to the library this summer!). The other renew is one we believers may think of more often: to give fresh life or strength to. When we walk away from a conference or a simple chat over coffee with a friend renewed, revived, restored…what a fabulous feeling!”

The Birds of Sadness {Book Club} by Amy Young—”I am so impressed with Sharon Creech, author of  Walk Two Moons. Walk Two Moons has quite a cast of characters, and the main ones are so richly complex and likable (and a few unlikeable, but we understand why they are being “donkey stubborn” (okay, that is not the phrase Sal uses, but I have been hunting and hunting. Can anyone help me?)) When I step back and analyze all that the author has included, it is, to use the word of the day, impressive.”

Simple Ways to Find Renewal by Jenilee Goodwin—”In all of its awesomeness, this overseas life can be quite challenging. How on earth do we find the renewal we need to keep going? How do we walk this journey without bending under the pressure of it all? How can we, as women working overseas, keep going? I don’t know that I have some magical, wonderful, amazing answer for you. The answer that I’ve found is honest, raw and real, something that I need to remind myself of often. Only in small, simple, easy ways of daily allowing our heart and mind to be renewed can we sustain the pressure of this life.”

Gaining a New Perspective by Spring Davis—”When I read the verses about becoming a new creation, renewing my mind, and getting a new spirit, I had this idea that it is passive. Have you ever watched a caterpillar become a butterfly? It isn’t a simple endeavor. It must eat a lot, create the cocoon, and emerge. I am willing to volunteer for the first job, not the other two. Likewise, chicks that are helped in their struggle to exit an egg don’t survive.”

When You Feel Guilty for Being Worn Out {The Grove – Renew} by Danielle Wheeler—”I knew I could do what I usually did, which is to recommit myself to time management. I could pep myself up to redouble my efforts to be renewed. If I structure my life better, if I go to bed earlier, wake up earlier, eat better, exercise more, don’t skip Sabbaths, say yes and no to the right things, make a schedule, stick to a schedule… All these things help. You and I both know that they do. But I knew that after a while (or no time at all) I would fail and slide right back into stress and overwhelm. Then the guilt and shame would come back and I’d begin the vicious cycle all over again. And I was SO done with the vicious cycle.”

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And Now for Next Week

The theme is ….

Here we are, week three in our four week “re” series.

If only reorienting, renewal, reviving, and refreshing were as simple as an item on your to-do list.

Reorient. Check.

Renewal. Check.

Revive. Check.

Refresh. Check.

But they are not something to be done, they are mindsets, soul orientations, ways of being. This week, we will spend time looking at how God wants to revive us. It might be a part of you that you thought would be gone forever. It might be a relationship with a teammate or local friend. It might be your own weary soul.

Our God is in the business of reviving. Join us in the comments this week for some reviving conversation, and share with us on Instagram with #VelvetAshesRevive. See you The Grove where you can share thoughts and link up blogposts.

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