Have You Seen? {January 24, 2016}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Home

My Second Home by Laura McLain—”When people find out I lived in three different countries and traveled to multiple other countries, they often ask me which place is my favorite. After answering this question multiple times in the past year, I finally came up with a standard answer, ‘Scotland is my favorite place to visit, but Portugal is my second home.'”

Gems For The Journey {Book Club} by Amy Young—”Maybe it was just me, but I wanted to lay down at the end of today’s section. All that longing for community. All the effort to adopt and then scandals and confusion. All that desire. All those hours spent in hospitals trying to figure out what was wrong with Titus. I was tired. But I was also fed.”

The Journey Home + White Chicken Chili Recipe by Ashley Felder and Tina Ferry—”Can I get real? I’m sensing I need to change the way I’m communicating about this with my girls. I look into their almost 10 and 12 year-old faces and have told them for years, “Home is where we are together.” But that’s not completely true and I’ve felt it in my spirit for a while now.”

Trying to Fit in at Home by Lauren Pinkson—”Home? It’s just a word that brings up all kinds of complicated emotions. There’s solace, though, in home being a state of mind. We can take that safety with us wherever we go, whatever we do. . . It’s within us, our new home. It’s our peace of mind in knowing we’ve surrendered, God has been faithful, and we are better forms of ourselves because of it.”

Let’s be Home for One Another {The Grove: Home} by Patty Stallings—”You and I can be this for each other: a soft landing place for those in transition, a place of healing for the hurting, a place of rest for the heavily burdened. We can speak kindness and life to one another. We can experience the refreshment of Christ simply by being with one another. We can believe the best in each other, knowing our Father is working in all of us to bring us to wholeness and Christlikeness.”

From Around the Web

There was a little bit over everything this week! Have fun exploring these.

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And Now for Next Week

The Theme is…


“I have lived with my eyes on my body, on the beautiful metaphors of making love and children and art. I have shopped as if fashion could give me a name. I have been so hungry for confections. I have stirred up my attentions in every way possible for making a safe place: friendships and land with a garden and a pretty house. I have worshiped the metaphors that were all given to speak of Jesus, and so of course they have been twisted into things so desirous that they acted as consuming fires in longing for his place. They became the idols that feed on envy. They became insatiable jealous beasts, when God says that he is the jealous one, jealous enough to die. Yet he is life. Yet he is steadfast love. He met me on the floor, and he meets me still.”  – Amber Haines

This week we’re wrapping up our amazing discussion on Wild in the Hollow. People keep commenting on how rich the themes have been this month. They were each inspired by this book. One of the strongest themes throughout Amber’s story is “metaphor.”

Is there something in your life that you are living for, something you think will satisfy you? What is your “if only?” If only I had this, then my life would be complete, I would be content.

Chances are that something is good and beautiful and ultimately… unfulfilling, because it is a metaphor met to point you to Jesus.

What’s your metaphor? Come share with us at The Grove beginning Thursday 6pm EST.

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