Have You Seen? {January 25, 2015}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Velvet Ashes Live in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Will you be anywhere near Chiang Mai on Feb 5th? {Note the date change}  Then you have to come for an incredible evening with us.  Velvet Ashes will be live and in person!  Join us at the Centara Duantawang Hotel 6:30pm.  R.S.V.P. here.

Last Week’s Theme: Gifted

Something No One Told Me Might Happen by Elizabeth Trotter — “I didn’t turn into a different person. In fact, stepping off that plane and entering an unfamiliar culture had the additional effect of revealing my faults, of laying bare my sin problems and defects in character. But something else happened, too. Something surprising and unexpected, something no one told me might happen: I discovered gifts I’d never had before.”

 A Look at Calling, Mistakes, and Care for Cross-Cultrual Workers {Book Club} by Amy Young — Read through the comments for a rich discussion on the call.

A Yes Woman Looking for Fine Pearls by Karen Huber — “But saying yes to some things often means saying no to others. And it takes practice, confidence and courage to say no to one good thing so you can say yes to the better thing.

Watching Nascent Gifts Transform Into Their Truer Forms an interview with Shelly Page — “I started the process by asking the question: What energizes me? I looked specifically at the roles I have filled in my current position. Then I started thinking about the question: What wearies me? That was an important question, too.”

8 Things I Know About You {The Grove: Gifted} by Patty Stallings — “Your gifts make some tasks so easy for you that you are surprised when others struggle or dislike the tasks that are second nature to you. That’s how the body works. It’s hard to get a toe to do what the pancreas does so well. So, let’s commit to one another to replace judging and comparing with gratitude and grace.”

From Around the Web

 The Minority Experience by Sarah Goodfellow — “I expected to learn a lot from our move to Peru. I expected to learn about poverty and injustice. To learn Spanish and about the Peruvian culture. To learn to be more patient and forgiving. What I didn’t expect was how much I would learn from being part of the minority group.”

How My Kid Got Expelled from Kindergarten by Arabah Joy — “Well by the end of the week, my involvement was no longer welcomed. The grandmothers of the local kids didn’t like the fact that I, the foreigner, could come to class to help control my son, but they could not come to class to boss the teacher. Okay, maybe they wouldn’t have bossed. But I do have my doubts.”

Losing my Identity on my Layover: Who am I, and where did my old self go? by Ruthie — “So there I was…standing in the airport with 3 suitcases to represent the last 3 years of my life…moving back to the US.  With no idea who I was…”

Dangerous Stories by Chris Lautsbaugh — “One mistake centers around how I have reflected the stories of others to my own supporters and sending churches / organizations. One of the things our organization does is partner with nationals who are also involved in [the work]. We attempt to raise monthly support for them and use our network to assist financially…This approach seems harmless enough, but there are several dangers involved.”

What Angelina Jolie and I Have in Common by Denise James — “Paparazzi. Apparently, I’m important. Or at least my kids are…Over the years we have acquired 3 main rules when it comes to our children’s interactions with strangers.”

And Now for Next Week

The Theme is…


If you’re like me, when it comes to this week’s theme, you’re more comfortable offering help than receiving it. But the truth is, you’ve probably needed more help on the field than you ever imagined.

Finding medicine for a sick kiddo or teammate, negotiating a lease, or building a new community of friends, the list for where and how we need help goes on and on.

In trying to be clever, I wanted to make an acronym around “help” the same ways we have one for “Grace” (God’s riches at Christ’s expense) or ACTS (praying through Adoration, Confession, Thanks, and Supplication) this was what I came up with:

Hell Envelops Longtime Pretending

I don’t think it’s going to catch on, do you? But maybe that’s what happens when we don’t ask for help or accept it when offered. Maybe another form of hell here on earth is when we need help and refuse it.

In wiring us together, God has ensured there will be seasons where help morphs and takes on different forms. Sometimes we offer it, others we receive it. Join us this week as we explore “help.”  Meet us at The Grove beginning Thursday 6pm EST, and bring your thoughts, your art, your blog link-ups.

And don’t forget we finish the book As Soon As I Fell at book club on Tuesday and author Kay Bruner will join us for “Ask an author.”  It’s an amazing book and easy to read, so don’t miss out!

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  1. Elizabeth January 24, 2015

    Ok, your acronym cracked me up!!! But very accurate!

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