Have You Seen? {January 26th, 2020}

Last Week’s Theme: Sacred Spaces

Elbow Jabs and Sacred Spaces by Monica F—”I sit back and smile at my seatmate, “Thank you for showing me, I would have never guessed what I was missing out on.” We go on to have a pleasant discussion and I find myself prayerfully thanking God for 1) the view, and 2) the opportunity to share this moment with a complete stranger. An unexpected sacred space.”

In Which the Journey Is More Like a Roller Coaster {Book Club} by Sarah Hilkemann—”As we get older we don’t live in a make-believe world, but I wonder if it takes a fair amount of imagination in our role as overseas workers. We dream up projects and plans where none exist. We work toward goals that seem impossible, figuring out ways to get past the obstacles that crop up. We work to bring beauty from the ashes of places marked by atheism or corruption, fighting for Glory in the places He is not yet known.”

Crinkled Pages by Denise Beck—”There is something sacred about old things. Whether I am walking through an ancient city carved from stone in Jordan, or peeking into my grandmother’s closet at the lace ball gown that matches the one in the photo on her dresser, my mind is drawn to the story, the significance of this thing and the story it represents. The story makes it special. Alone it is just a dress. Just a city. But what happened in them is the reason you chose to save the dress or visit the city.”

Hospitality as Sacred Space by Joy Smalley—”I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve moved around a lot. In fact, I’ve lived in transitional church housing longer than I have lived in any other location, and when you are in a state of constant motion, having a singular space take on sacred meaning is not likely. In a mobile, nomadic life, sacred spaces tend to be mobile as well.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

We’ve marched up that mountain more than once with our Isaacs, ready to surrender. We’ve put dreams on the altar, sacrificed worldly possessions and close proximity to family and easy access to all that is familiar. We are no stranger to sacrifice.

Do you resent those sacrifices, sisters? Do you want to raise your hands to the heavens and shout, “Enough is enough! I can’t give anymore.”

It’s okay to be real in this space about the pain and joy of sacrifice. It’s okay to vent or weep or even laugh over the things you thought you had to give up that find their way to you (like that soda brand or your favorite kind of tea or chocolate chips).

We are digging deep into the topic of sacrifice this week, talking about those brave steps of obedience, the hard surrender. Come join us. Come converse with us in the blog comments, share the posts with your community on Facebook, and add your thoughts on Instagram with the hashtag #VelvetAshesSacrifice.

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