Have You Seen? {January 29, 2017}

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Sleep

Insomnia: Mostly I’m Not Afraid to Go to Bed by  Esher Kline—”Because I can’t share a bed right now. When my husband twitches as he falls asleep, I startle, the dropping veil of melatonin jerked back. So we dragged in a twin mattress and squeezed it between my dresser and the big bed. Some nights, he hangs his arm over the side and I reach up and we hold each other’s fingers for a few seconds. Before I walk into the night alone.”

7 Areas to Have Hope in the Midst of Spiritual Warfare {Book Club} by Amy Young—”That was the chapter in particular I thought, “If all our ministry teams read and lived this out, what a difference it would make!” Bind kindness around your neck. Leave the drama. Gather at the table. Pray like crazy. Express Love. Just to name a few.”

Sleep in Peace by Jenilee Goodwin— “At night, the stress feels heavier, the problems seem more overwhelming and issues become more daunting. The very things that I let go of the night before come rolling back through my brain and steal any chance of continuing in peaceful, needed sleep. So I must walk through the process again. And again. And again.”

An Extra Companion in Bed at Night by Frances Green— “Hyper-vigilance became such a routine part of my life that I almost forgot he was there. I didn’t realize how much he affected everything I did, all day and night.”

Sleep: Interrupted by Lauren Pinkston—”Do you want to know the ironic thing about the lack of physical sleep I’m getting back here across the globe? My spiritual health has been completely reset.”

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Ask anyone if my family and they’ll agree- I sleep. A lot. My internal clock allows me to sleep for 12 hours straight before waking me up and I can sleep pretty much anywhere. Yet, there have been long seasons where sleep didn’t come without the help of pills and strict routine. Those seasons taught me to pay attention to both mind and body to sort out what was preventing sleep.

It was those seasons that determined how my bedroom would be overseas. By house #2 I knew I wanted it to be a personal retreat. A white bedspread that gives a nod to cushy hotel beds, white Christmas lights because overhead lighting is too intense, and a string of photos representing a mixture of influential and favorite places and people. I keep a candle next to my bed and rotate through scents of home here (currently a “beach bum” scent that smells like coconut, ocean, and sun) and home there (pine and campfires). All of those are things that slow my body down and help me relax.

While I have an open door policy to my house, my bedroom is off-limits. It’s the one place I keep to myself. That statement seems so harsh to me, yet I value having a private, safe space. I’m continuing to recognize that creating space for self-care isn’t a negative. It’s necessary for sleep and it’s necessary for thriving wherever I am.

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The theme is . . .

If you look up “home” in the dictionary, you get the idea you can identify it by sticking a pin into a map. Such a simple word, a straightforward concept, until…

Until you’ve been transplanted into a faraway land that now feels familiar, among people with odd customs that now seem common.  Something shifts in your understanding of home.  It grows and deepens and widens and takes on the shape of people you love and places you not only dwell, but belong.

Go on this journey “home” with us this week.  Let’s see your home on Instagram by using #VelvetAshesHome (and I know many of you are on the road now, let’s see your hotel room or hammock or whatever!). Bring your posts and thoughts to the Grove, and be in this place of belonging and understanding with your sisters.  See you Thursday 6 p.m. EST.

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