Have You Seen? {January 31st, 2021}

Last Week’s Theme: First Things First

Jesus With Skin On + Overnight Pancakes by Ashley Felder—”What ever happened to listening, empathizing, and realizing people’s feelings and reactions could be an indicator of something deeper going on? Where did we veer off the path of truly caring about people, no matter our differences?”

Difficult, Ordinary, and Everything in Between {Book Club} by Sarah Hilkemann—”Finally, I hope that I have given some amazing women from history an accurate representation as I aimed to let them “speak” to us in our time and space.”

Created For Connection, so Why Is It so Hard? by Ruth Potinu—”It’s not often that someone else gets it, I mean really gets it: the frequent power black outs, the elusive balance of attempting to go with the flow and yet still maintain some type of schedule for the sake of your own sanity.”

When Disagreement Becomes Reality by Maria Mullet—”Last week I looked across my teaching podium to my high school students and said, ‘I never thought a global pandemic would split churches, divide families, splinter relationships.’ But it has.”

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Grief, the Painter

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Finally, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by a Loving God

And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

Photo by Alberto Bigoni on Unsplash


Does that word make you want to cringe? Run away and hide? It feels all too familiar these days.

Yet when you think about walking on a tightrope, it is possible because two ends are held in tension. When one end goes slack, it doesn’t work very well. This resembles so many aspects of our lives too, doesn’t it?

Maybe this week can be the check-in that we need. Instead of focusing on all the negative connotations of tension that increase our blood pressure, let’s think about the things that must be held in tension, in balance, in our hearts, lives and Kingdom work.

Join our writers over on the blog this week as they share their stories of heart examinations and tender stretching from the Father with honesty and vulnerability. Your stories are welcome too! Share in the comments or use #VelvetAshesTension on social media.

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