Have You Seen? {January 7, 2018}

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Thanks to you, the Not Alone year end campaign was our most successful year end campaign and we are well set up to head into 2018. In the works already is the retreat (stay tuned for an announcement next week), an awareness and fund raising event in Denver so that we have a broader support base and raise the rest of the Not Alone campaign (follow on Instastories!), more Connection Groups than in the past, and the same rich writing you are used to. Thank you for supporting so many in Velvet Ashes!

Last Week’s Theme: Fresh

The Search for Fresh by Jenilee Goodwin—”Oh, how bogged down we can get in the midst of fundraising, ministering, working, helping, and living overseas. We all know the never-ending lists of nearly impossible tasks that face us each day. We all understand the depth and width of our jobs and work overseas. We all experience the knowledge that we are fighting an uphill battle most days in most situations.”

God: The Team Worker {Book Club} by Amy Young—”To many on the field, the ‘progress’ of the last year may look inconsequential. You may wonder what you have accomplished. While it is good to reflect and evaluate, I can see how very much my thinking can be results oriented and more NOW. Holding the long view that team work requires, does not always come quickly to me.”

Fresh Out + Soft & Chewy Gingersnaps by Ashley Felder—”When things get a little tough—especially when it comes to raising these little ones—I’m so, so quick to just give up and give in to my anger. But God never did. Sure, He had righteous anger—and rightly so—with His wayward children, but He never once gave up on His promise. Those stories get me every time.”

Send Them Away by Amy Hartman—”After a long hard year of personal challenges on the field, I find myself identifying with the disciples here, except that I succeeded in sending the woman away! My seemingly insatiable desire for ‘me time’ had descended like a flood over my heart and I was swimming in my own selfishness.”

From Peak to Peak {The Grove: Fresh} by Amy Young—”Often I have a different perspective when I look back and survey the decade behind me than I did in the middle of the steps I took. Parts are fun to review, others, frankly I care less about with time; on occasion, I can see how good came out of seasons that I never could have anticipated in the middle of them.”

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And Now for Next Week

The theme is ….

God wants to make all things new, but sometimes, the making can take time. So instead of only one week dedicated to the new year, we will have a four week series related to “Re.” Again. Our God is the God of again. And agains can take time. Week by week we will let God




and Refresh.

Individually and as a community. This first week, we will look at ways that God may want to reorient you. Reorient your heart, your energy, your focus.

Come Lord, your servants are listening.

Join us in the comments all week and link your own blog post at The Grove. Share on Instagram with #VelvetAshesReorient. We are looking forward to this month of “Re!”


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