Have You Seen {July 10, 2016}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Colorful

Your True Colors by Jessica Hoover—”Maybe it’s my artist’s bent, but I know some would look side-eyed at it and tell me it’s in poor taste to mix the rainbow all in one outfit. After a lifetime of crazy hats and colorful cardigans as well as colorful living over continents and callings, I think I’ve come a place of comfortableness with this part of me. I’ve been mulling over something Rich Mullins said in a concert shortly before he died. He quoted Picasso as saying ‘Good taste is the enemy of great art.’”

The Profound Impact of Books on Spiritual Development {Book Club} by Amy Young—”Today we start A Passion for the Impossible: The Life of Lilias Trotter by Miriam Huffman Rockness. Clapping, clapping. Happy, happy. This is exactly the kind of book I like to read in community over several weeks. I’m afraid if I read it all in one chunk and then we showed up to discuss it, I’d make a meaningful comment like, . . . .”

What If the Color Fades From My Life? by Tatiana Blackburn—”I enjoy being a TCK. I love being part of a family who works overseas, so much so that after we moved to our host country, I began to think that I could never move back to my passport country. To me, moving back would mean living such a boring, dull life and what kind of life is that?”

Introducing Our Brand New Site by Danielle Wheeler—”We need the camaraderie of souls that understand, that nudge us onward to the ever deeper, always sweeter place of his presence. Our prayer is that Velvet Ashes is this place for you. We’ve made it all new for you. If you haven’t had a chance to explore the new site, you have a treat in store for you!”

Ask for God Eyes {The Grove: Colorful} by Patty Stallings—”Sadly, the longer we live in a place with different customs and ways of doing the things of life, the less the uniqueness of our surroundings intrigue us. “Amazing” becomes ordinary. “Wow” turns into ho hum. “Hilarious” is hardly noticed.”

Highlight for #VelvetashesColorful

This week at The Grove, we started something new.  We invited you to share your Instagram pictures on this week’s theme “Colorful.”  What an amazing collection of pictures you shared!  You made it really tough to choose a favorite.  This week’s Instagram feature is from @sumatramama.  Check out the whole collection here.  This coming week, post your pictures with #VelvetAshesPleaser.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 8.59.39 AM

Moving Overseas?  

We’ve got a special series just for you.  Enter your departure date and have posts delivered to help you get ready and to walk with you through the big transition.

From Around the Web

A Life Overseas had a two part conversation about men and women in ministry together. Jonathan Trotter starts the conversation then Tanya Crossman shares her thoughts.

Related to our book club pick this month: Lilias Trotter: Extraordinary Artist, Devoted M—Have You Not Heard of Her Either? (Through this post, I—Amy–have contacted Miriam and invited her to be part of this month’s discussion.)

The Poverty Over the Fence.

Ask a Counselor for a book recommendation: a Boundaries bundle.

Finally, from one of our own, Keep Going.

And Now for Next Week

The theme is . . .


Oh my, this week is going to stir up some angst in a good many of us. We get lost in the maze of pleasing our supporters, teammates, organization, and those we live among. Our calendars fill up as our need-meters register off the charts. Our commitments extend far beyond our giftings. Our own expectations of what we ought to be doing makes us wonky and weary. Join the conversation this week as we sort through navigating serving in your corner of the world while resting in the One who is already well pleased with you!

And bring your thoughts, photos, art, and stories as we explore “pleaser” at The Grove beginning on Thursday at 6pm EST. Don’t forget that throughout the week you can tag Instagram pictures #velvetashespleaser and you’ll be added to The Grove automatically. We will be waiting for you there.


  1. Lauren July 10, 2016

    WOW Amy, the book selection for Lilias Trotter is awesome! Lilias Trotter has been a huge blessing in my walk and I am so glad you are getting Miriam Huffman Rockness in on it, you are a super star. Thanks for this, looking forward to it! Lauren

    1. Amy Young July 10, 2016

      Thanks Lauren! I was super excited to see that blog post and her blog!! 🙂

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