Have You Seen? {July 11th, 2021}

Last Week’s Theme: The View From Here (Global)

God, What Are You Doing? by Joy Smalley—”That’s why Habakkuk resonates with me. I can hear God speaking to me in those words. Stop trying to figure it out, God says to me. Even if I gave you a play by play you wouldn’t understand and it wouldn’t help you anyway. Instead, look at me, I am the one who is, I am the one who knows, I am the one who saves.”

A Girl and a Dream {Book Club} by Sarah Hilkemann—”I can’t imagine the decisions people faced or still face—wanting to stay in the place that is their home, wanting to protect their family and loved ones, or like Yusra and her sister, wanting a future and something to pursue.”

Holding the Good and the Hard by Ruth Potinu—”COVID has forced me to find ways to make life here sustainable and not hold on so tightly to furlough breaks. It has been hard, and it has been good. Isn’t it interesting how often those two conflicting realities go together?”

Lessons Learned in West Africa by Jenilee Goodwin—” Words can’t quite do the job of sharing the dramatic days of learning on the ground in Africa. But, as we transition out of West Africa to start a new journey in a new place, these lessons are beautiful things that I’ll carry with us as we go.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

Instead of hopping on a plane or taking a bus across the city, lockdowns meant our adventures took place in our homes and neighborhoods.

We’ve dealt with loneliness and isolation, our hearts breaking for the loss and grief and effects of the pandemic around us.

We are zooming in this week for a conversation about our experiences right where we are. What are some of the questions you have wrestled with in the last year about your location and the experiences of walking through the pandemic there? Are there gifts the people in your local culture gave to you and each other or lessons you learned from them?

We will hear from three women in the community as they share the hard and the beautiful from this last year. We invite you to share your stories too as we continue to process our pandemic experiences together this month.


The deadline for submissions for the very first Velvet Ashes book is July 15th! We would love to hear your stories of hope and courage in the hard places. Click on the button for all the details or write to [email protected] for more info!

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