Have You Seen? {July 19, 2015}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Culture Clash

Not An Actual Wizard by Emily Thomas — “We combed through a play-by-play of the conversation to see if we accidentally were offensive. We couldn’t come up with anything and then it hit me. Could they possibly think my husband is REALLY able to do magic?”

Five Lessons For Us In This Line Of Work {Book Club} by Amy Young — This week the conversation in the comments has touched on significant themes for us. Such as: feeling trapped on the field, the influence we have on the kids, and God’s sovereignty with those who maybe shouldn’t have come.

Um, That’s Not How We Did It In MY Family by Danielle Krouch — “Going into marriage, I had thought that since Vandenn had been raised mostly in America, that we couldn’t really be that different. Ha! It wasn’t until we got married that I realized how Asian he truly is! Dealing with his family was truly a culture shock experience for me.”

A Lesson From My Carpet by Beth Everett — “A few months after purchasing our carpet, I learned that many Chinese, at least in our city, are wary of carpet and what might lurk within the threads, no matter how clean one manages to keep it.”

7 Stops on the Cross-Cultural Clash Continuum {The Grove: Culture Clash} by Amy Young — “I thought I knew the direction this post was going to take and then I wondered, but what about this type of culture clash? Or this one? Or that one? As we’ve seen this week in the posts, not all culture clashes are created equal.”

From Around the Web

“But several months in, I can say I finally feel like I belong here. And that’s a feeling I don’t take for granted.” Whether coming from or going to the field, this will resonate.

Continuing our discussions from the spring: Burnout: when passion is a problem.

Sue Eenigenburg (of Expectations and Burnout: Women Surviving the Great Commissionreminds us “when walking to the store I often passed women squatting by the side of the road, scrubbing their laundry by hand. And suddenly I remember that I have a washing machine. I have plenty of clothes from which to choose. As I pass these women squatting on the side of the road working so hard to get their clothes clean I thank God for the washing machine even when it takes nine hours to complete one load. Seeing them changed my perspective and I realized anew how blessed I am.” The importance of overflowing with thankfulness.

Father Chad Allen shares What I Wish More Men Knew about Emotions with his son.

Here are 6 Reasons Boarding School Rocks.

Six must be the number of the week because here are 6 Helpful Ways to Respond to Hard Conversations.

Finally, What to Do When You Don’t Have an Answer

And Now for Next Week

The Theme is…


So far this month we’ve talked Tips and Clash, and this week we’re touching Health. Tips, Clash, and Health are frequent companions. Can we even begin to catalogue all of the information on how to be healthy? And what about all of the advice that clashesIs coffee good for us or bad for us?

Physical, relational, mental, emotional, spiritual. There are many directions we could take the conversation on health this week.

More than anything else, though, I think we’ll see arrows pointing to the God that is both source and target of our health.

If you have tips, bring them. Anyone interested in chatting Green Smoothies? Essential oils native to your region? What you do to stay active where you live?

What are your ideas and experiences of health lost, restored, maintained? If you’re suffering for an absence of health, how is God meeting you there?

Connection is what makes any information meaningful. So, we’ll meet up at The Grove on Thursday beginning at 6pm EST. I (Kim) look forward to connecting with you over Health.


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  1. Kim July 18, 2015

    It’s a little uncanny how often the weekly topic at Velvet Ashes is something I’m working through/dealing with/thinking about…

    I look forward to reading the posts this week, and the insight they’ll provide. I think too often, when we’re right in the midst of it, it’s hard to find that clarity you need.

    Since a diagnosis of celiac in January, I’m learning the consequences of this disease are far reaching and can’t be quickly dealt with. My body isn’t absorbing iron like it should, so the hematologist is going to give it to me intravenously this week. He’ll also be re-checking my white blood cell count which was quite elevated on Wednesday. Celiacs an be more prone to certain things, probably because our bodies have been compromised (and the longer you’ve gone without a diagnosis, the worse it is). I’m still trying to get a handle on what’s okay to eat– just because something is gluten free doesn’t mean my digestive system will handle it well.

    Pretty sure I’m not the only one who struggles mentally and emotionally when I’m struggling physically. It’s hard to be Little Miss Sunshine when you haven’t gotten more than four hours sleep during any one night for weeks on end, your energy level is at two on a scale of one to ten, and the work is piling up around you. We realized that for the next few weeks we’ll have to dial back on my commitments and give my body time to recuperate and rejuvenate.


    It can be extremely frustrating to suddenly have to cut back (or even stop) what you’re doing because of health reasons. But I’m trying to learn from these experiences: What is God trying to teach me through this? What person(s) might He bring into my life through this? God made me the way He made me, period. He has a purpose for me in the midst of learning to live with celiac. Some of what He’s teaching is outward focused: the people He’s bringing into my life that I probably would not have met otherwise.

    But He’s also reminding me how important it is to slow down and tend to our relationship. We’ve all heard it, we’ve all experienced it, life can get crazy busy in the doing and we neglect the very One for whom we’re doing it. When you’re face planted in the bed and don’t have the energy to move, you still have the mental capacity to pray, to commune with God or simply be silent before Him so He can speak to your heart.

    1. Amy Young July 18, 2015

      Kim, I’m truly sorry to hear about the health struggles you are facing. UGH. No, no, no fun. And as you said, our bodies, minds and spirits are interwoven. Thanks for sharing with us what you are facing and how these themes aren’t just “themes,” they are real life. I’ll be praying for you as the HS brings you to mind.

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