Have You Seen? {July 23, 2017}

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Ministry Rhythm Reminder

For the month of July and August we have one less post a week. Thursday morning (Asia)/Wednesday afternoon (EST) your inbox will be empty. Our Social Media streams will be quiet. As a community we will use these blank spots as a reminder we are practicing ministry rhythms together.

Last Week’s Theme: Top 10

10 Reasons This Pregnant Lady Misses Home {And 10 Reasons She Continues to Make This Foreign Land Her New Home} by Elizabeth Spencer—”I am the grumpiest pregnant woman there ever was. I can say that, my husband can’t. Being pregnant in a place that is not my home seems to make the normal everyday Africa complications somehow cosmic.”

10 Topics from The Scavenger’s Daughters {Book Club} by Amy Young—”Yet, for all of the heartache and unfairness that comes with the Zheng family being the working poor, the primary sense I get as I read about this family is love. The love that Benfu and Calli have for each other, the love they have for the girls, the love the girls have for their sisters and Benfu and Calli. The way they serve, support, and sacrifice for each other IS love in action.”

My Top Ten Children’s Books by M’Lynn Taylor—”I’m sharing my list of Top Ten Children’s books for all ages and genders. Now that you have this list, you can spend your valuable packing time gathering other stuff like your unlocked cell phone, no-international-fee ATM card, hand-held luggage scale, duct tape, contact solution, laptop, favorite study Bible, frequent-flyer cards, miscellaneous chargers, portable hard drives, plane snacks and such.”

Top 10 Unique Foods + Homemade Ice Cream (Without an Ice Cream Maker) {The Grove: Top 10} by Ashley Felder— “Top 10 lists are so fun! As I mulled over what to make my list about, I kept thinking about the, ahem, unique foods I’ve been able to try over the years. If you’ve even visited another country, you’ve probably tried something your taste buds hadn’t met before. Some foods may make them dance a jig, others will make those little flavor-tasters revolt and force you to get it out. We’ve all been in both places!”

From Around the Web

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Fight For Your Family

Finally, How to Wait Well 

And Now for Next Week

The theme is . . .

Come, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and he who has no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.” (Isaiah 55:1)

Come to the waters.

Regardless of where you live in the world, water is a part of your story. Need to boil it before you can safely drink? Do you have dry seasons followed by monsoons? So hot you shower more than once a day? Only have hot water at certain hours and work your day around bathing? Does a water dispenser display prominently in your living room because it won’t fit anywhere else?

This week we’ll gather around our theme—water—as if we were hanging out around the local community pool. Because we are. Though we may not all live near each other, we want to hear each other’s stories.

Come to the water. We are thirsty to connect with each other, drink from God, and have a little fun too.

Tag a picture related to water and share on Instagram using #VelvetAshesWater. Also join the conversation in the comments and at The Grove. Bring your blog posts to link up.


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