Have You Seen? {July 9, 2017}

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Sabbath

A couple of years ago we noticed that we, as Velvet Ashes, talked about the importance of ministry rhythms and having seasons that are busier and less busy . . . all the while working at the same fast pace all year except for Sabbath week. God convicted us that if we merely TALK about rhythms without doing the hard work of experimenting and playing with rhythms, we were, um, hypocrites :).

Easy to talk the talk, not as easy to walk the walk.

Two years ago we had this same rhythm except that we kept getting wonderful submissions. Week after week we said, “Just this one week we will violate our values because this post? This post is so good it is not really an infringement of the value we hold dearly.” We did this seven out of eight weeks. The one week we actually held to our plan? I (Amy) got an email from a fellow editor. “Oh no! The post didn’t go live?Anything I can do to help?” Kind and helpful yes! A yellow flag to all of us that we had lost our bearings and didn’t know our own rhythms a bit? Yes.

Thus, for the month of July and August we have one less post a week. Thursday morning (Asia)/Wednesday afternoon (EST) your inbox will be empty. Our Social Media streams will be quiet. As a community we will use these blank spots as a reminder we are practicing ministry rhythms together.

From Around the Web

There are many ministries doing work in Eastern Europe! Azmera will be coming alongside these ministries, as well as the international schools in the region, to host an Azmera Haven Retreat the end of October 2017. Check out the retreat in Poland.

Things You Might Eat in China

The Shock of Being (Almost) Totally Normal

God Bless America! (and other dangerous prayers)

When Cross-Cultural Workers Think They Know Everything

Ask a Counselor: roll away the stone of approval-seeking

Finally, I Used to Pray to a Passive-Aggressive God

And Now for Next Week

The theme is . . .

When’s the last time you savored something? A delight so delicious, fascinating, or nourishing to your body or soul that you sunk deep in its richness and enjoyed it to the fullest?

If it’s been awhile, slow down and pay attention to what’s around you. It’s often simple pleasures that bring joy and delight when we deliberately and unhurriedly let ourselves be nurtured by God’s good gifts. May this be your experience!

Join us in the comments this week, and we want to hear from you at The Grove. Bring your blog posts on the theme “savor” and link them up beginning Thursday at 6pm EST.

Share with us on Instagram what is nourishing and delighting you with this week’s hashtag #VelvetAshesSavor.



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