Have You Seen? {June 18, 2017}

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Transportation

A Driving Lesson by Laura Bowling—”All of the hours of driving in Europe and South Africa taught me one main lesson. Trust God. Trust Him when I was scared to drive somewhere new. Trust Him when I was lost and unsure of how to get home. Trust Him when the anxiety set in as I drove down an unknown, dark road at night. Trust. Always, always trust.”

Cumulative Disasters {Book Club} by Amy Young—”As a young girl, Conway didn’t have the luxury of many people to choose as friends. Her brothers and the people who came to work at Coorain were her only options. One of the greatest parts of living overseas is the way the concept of who can be a friend broadens when the pool narrows.”

The Risk of Going Solo by M’Lynn Taylor—”Have you ever stopped to evaluate the risk we as foreign women take when we navigate public transportation alone? Maybe you haven’t because ignorance is bliss. Initially, the adventure and excitement of exploring the city with only a few Chinese phrases and a bus pass at my disposal outweighed even the thought of danger. However, the longer I lived in China, the less inviting public transportation became.”

The Spaces on the Way to the Places  by Jessica Hoover— “I once threw up on a goat on the side of the road. It was my first pregnancy and I’d been rendered useless for the previous couple of weeks on a mattress on the floor of our tiny sweltering compound living quarters. Making a trip to Monrovia meant sitting upright in a moving vehicle on the 6-8 hour journey from our rural “up country” digs to the bustling capital city of Monrovia. The erratic motion of the swerving Hi-Lux led to the infamous moment when an unwitting goat came a little too close to the door of our truck.”

From My Bike Seat {The Grove: Transportation} by Danielle Wheeler— “With handlebars wobbling and heart pounding, I pushed my foot down on the pedal, easing my way out into the flowing river of whizzing bicycles and motorbikes. Adrenalin pumped a laser focus to my brain. My students formed a protective bubble around me on their bikes, motioning with their hands to tell me where to go. They could see that this form of transportation was utterly foreign to me. They saw my well-being as their responsibility and were as nervous as I was.”

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And Now for Next Week

The theme is . . .

There are moments when we get it. We know beyond the shadow of doubt that we are beloved and we love in return, without restraint. These charged moments don’t happen when we expect them to, and they aren’t always tied to the events they’re supposed to be.

A date we set with a friend, spouse, sibling, child, or even God doesn’t yield the connectedness we hoped for, but that hour washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen flowed with as much laughter, dancing, and connection as water.

Belovedness can’t be contrived. It can only be spotted and savored.

So, what moments have been charged with belovedness for you lately? Has it been awhile since you had one? Are you in a sweet space where they are all over?

Tag a picture of your beloved moments on Instagram using #VelvetAshesBeloved, and join the conversation in the comments and at The Grove. Bring your blog posts to link up.

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