Have You Seen? {June 2, 2019}

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Announcement from the Velvet Ashes Board of Directors:

The Board of Velvet Ashes would like to share with the community that our Executive Director, Danielle Wheeler, has requested a year away from leading Velvet Ashes to pursue the season of rest that God is inviting her to. She will complete her service as Executive Director this summer, but anticipates returning in 2020 to a fresh role within the organization. The Board is grateful for the work, time and care she has put into building Velvet Ashes over the past seven years. She will be sharing more in a blog post closer to the time of her departure.  The Board is extending an invitation to those within the Velvet Ashes community who would like to submit their name as a candidate for the new full-time Executive Director position based in the US. If interested, please forward your résumé to Board member Jayna Gallagher at [email protected] by Friday, June 7.    

Last Week’s Theme: Marriage

Give and Take + Curry Chicken Salad by Ashley Felder—”Marriage is hard. Marriage on the field, in my opinion, is harder. So many comforts and all things familiar are stripped away. You have to make a million decisions a day, in another language. You have to find your rhythm in the foreign cultural dance. You have to do it in front of your spouse and maybe little people that are looking up to you. It’s messy.”

Who Is Above Literature? {Book Club} by Rachel Kahindi—”Books have the power to change us. As a book lover, I see a lot of significance in the fact that God’s message to us is in the form of a book. But other books can also be life changing! Sometimes, I read books that so drastically and convincingly challenge my previous perspective that I can’t be the same after reading them. Other times, the change is more subtle, resulting in understanding a different way of life or developing empathy for situations I’ve never been close to before.”

A Season for Marriage by Amanda—”The reality is that while our ministry was growing, our marriage was crumbling. Our relationship had been centered around tasks and work. We were teaching about patience and unconditional love all day, but were fighting and bickering regularly at home behind closed doors. We went to bed angry at each other. Our daughter had even started to experience anxiety from our unhealthy lifestyle.”

Tune-ups: A Lesson in Car Maintenance (er, marriage) by Monica F—”Suddenly the cute couple chatting at a taco stand in Mexico were two devastated, exhausted, lonely people who couldn’t take very good care of each other anymore. We were empty, silently angry, and in desperate need of heart mechanics. This time the car needed to stay in the shop for major diagnostic work and repair, not just an oil change.”

A Pair of Old Shoes {The Grove: Marriage} by M’Lynn Taylor—”Just like the two shoes in a pair go everywhere together, my husband and I tend to do the same. We met before either one of us ever dreamed of going to China, so the dream itself was OURS from the beginning. Our marriage is the holding tank for all my overseas memories.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

Every phase of life is hard.

And every phase is beautiful.

We’ve had rich discussions the last two weeks about singleness and marriage. This week, we turn to the topic of parenting.

Mommas on the field, this week is for you. The joys and struggles, worries for your kiddos that keep you awake at night. Maybe making a difference outside the walls of your home feels impossible when the laundry pile is overflowing, or you’re not sure how to help your teenager prepare for college back in your passport country.

The special challenges of being a parent of a third culture kid (TCK) can be overwhelming but also full of the best adventures. We’ve got conversations on these topics and more in store for you this week!

What questions do you have about raising children on the field? What have you learned as your kids have gotten older? Share your thoughts, questions, and advice on Instagram this week with the hashtag #VelvetAshesParenting!  

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