Have You Seen? {June 21, 2015}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Top 10

Top Ten Podcasts by Emily Thomas — “I am completely addicted to podcasts. I love to listen to them in the car, while I work on orders for my shop, and when I clean the house. So basically all the time. Rarely do I have a conversation these days that doesn’t include some reference of an interesting tidbit I heard on a podcast.”

I Was A Ghost In Two Worlds {Book Club} by Amy Young — “What draws me to this quote is the way it is so Jesus. So, go small to go significant. Instead of go big to go significant. We need to hear this message again and again, don’t we. Go small.”

Top Ten Ways to Fight Fear by Jessica Hoover — “As I’ve journeyed across continents and through deep seasons of anxiety and fear I’ve learned a thing or two. I’ve learned that fear can threaten to over take you, but we have the promise that, in Christ, we can more than overcome fear. With that said know that I am a fear-struggler along with you. I’m no expert just a fear fighter who struggles daily.”

Top Ten Signs You Know You’re in North America, not Europe by Laura McLain — “Five and a half years of living in Europe changed me. Not all of the change was deep, spiritual change; some of it was simply ‘I’ve learned how to do life differently’ change. And it’s in that vein that I give you my top ten because after several months back in America, there are still things that surprise me about my passport country.”

She’s a Natural: The Top Ten Ways Living Overseas Made Me Crunchy {The Grove: Top 10} by Kimberly Todd — “The slang meaning of crunchy is to have a healthy diet and way of living; natural and earthy. It has a pejorative flavor, which makes me hesitate to write out this list, but the truth is that I came by these values overseas, insulated from the mudslinging right and left arguments of my home culture.”

From Around the Web

Here’s a good reminder that transitions are uncomfortable –– either to or from the field.

Elizabeth Trotter is angry, mean, and redeemed. 

In helping her kids prepare to leave the field, Beth asked them their Top 10 Greatest Memories: a TCK activity.

Marilyn Gardner encourages to remember because there is strength in remembering. 

13 careers living in China prepares you for — what other jobs has your country of service prepared you for?

Finally, Elisabeth Elliot died this week. Addie Zimmerman shares a complicated eulogy for this pillar.

And Now for Next Week


The Theme is…



Are you making room in your life for play?  Or is it always go, go, work, work, doing all the big, pressing things that must be done?

What does play look like for you where you live, in this season of your life?  What could it look like if you became intentional about it?

What have you learned about play from your host culture?  How has living in a foreign place inhibited or enhanced your play?

This week we’re taking a look at the importance of play.  You might be boarding a plane this week.  You might be saying some painful goodbyes and some sweet hellos.  Wherever you are, whatever is on your to-do list, make some time for frivolous fun.  I think your soul needs it…

Join us at The Grove beginning Thursday 6pmEST.  Bring your link ups, your thoughts, and fun ideas about play.


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